Google Play Store is the biggest market place of free and paid android apps. Android users always prefer to download new apps and games from Google Play Store formerly known as android market. New android phones always come up with play store already installed in them and that’s the major reason of its popularity. Most of the apps you will find there are from trusted android developers as Google keeps an  eye on what’s come new in their store and also the developers have to pay an initial fee of $25.

Google Play Store is no doubt a great android store and I used to download new apps from there but now my focus is shifted towards some alternatives to Google Play Store.  Recently the app started stucking and I faced interruptions while downloading apps from there. Maybe the problem was with my internet connection but I tried to find alternative app to android play store. So I created a list of Top 10 Google Play Store alternatives 2014 after trying different android stores. For any reason, if Play Store is not working on your device or you are looking for some alternatives to it then have a look at our below list.

Google Play Store Alternatives

List of Top Google Play Store Alternatives 2014

1- Amazon AppStore

Amazon Appstore is an android market place just like Google Play Store and offers you free apps as well as you can download paid android apps for free by availing their offers. All you need is to download & install their app store on your android device. After that you will be able to download trending apps and games just like you do on Google Play Store. All the apps are sorted out category wise on Amazon store and this way you can easily find out what’s new and what’s getting trendy.

2- SlideMe

SlideMe is great place to find new apps & games for your android phone/tablet. The number of apps on their servers is very less as compared to other app providers. But you will find only trusted & virus free apps on slideme servers. All the applications uploaded there are scanned for viruses and malwares and then approved by their moderators. You will find a number of paid as well as free apps on slideme.

3- GetJar

GetJar gives you recommendations about new apps and games that you can install on your android device. By trying the new apps offered by GetJar, you will get credits and after that you can utilize those credit for trying their paid android apps for free. Hundreds of new apps are being added in their repository every week and you can gain bunch of points by trying the new apps offered at GetJar. They have more than 2 million trusted users who regularly use their appstore to test new applications. This also helps the developers to promote their apps and get more downloads.

4- AndroidPot

Androidpot is a great alternative to Google Play Store & this is something different from other app stores. It is basically a blog where you will find latest apps and games for android smartphones along with quality reviews done by experienced bloggers. The site offers you APK files of all the apps and games listed there. All the applications are sorted out category wise and it will be easy for you to find the best apps from a specific category. Apart from downloading apps, you can also stay updated about latest news and updates in android industry.

5- 1Mobile

1Mobile is a quite established market place that contains more than 800000 free and paid android apps. All the apps are sorted out category wise and you can easily find the best apps approved by group of editors and app testers. You can also search for your favorite applications and download them directly to your phone via 1mobile apps store.

6- Mobogenie

Mobogenie is a somewhat new android store that got immense popularity among android users just after its release. The app allows you to download android apps and games directly to your android phone. One can also get the APK file of any android application from their website. You will also find a list of top android apps and top android games that you can download free from mobogenie website. Apart from apps and games, you will also find latest android wallpapers and ringtones that can be downloaded free from mobogenie.

7- AppsZoom

Appszoom is another great name among the best android apps stores that offers you free downloads of latest android applications and games. Appszoom also provides you free iOS apps for IPhone/Ipad. All the apps are sorted out rating wise and you can find out the best performing apps by checking their ratings or you can find the trending ones from the category titled Today’s Pick.

8- F-Droid

F-Droid is a free and open source app store that contains thousands of free and paid apps for android devices.  You can download it client application on your mobile phone and install it. Once installed, you will be able to download your favorite android apps just like you do from Google Play Store.


9- AppsLib

AppsLib is yet another Google Play Store alternative that provides you a collection of free and premium applications for android tablets. Search and discover new and trending android applications and install them directly on your phone with appslib store. Its interface is simple just like Google Play Store. You can download the APK file of Appslib from their official website.

10- BlackMart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha formerly known as black market is an android application that offers you to download paid android apps free of cost. Almost all the apps available at Google Play Store are also uploaded on blackmart servers. Once you download and install blackmart on your phone, you will also be able to upload your own apps on their servers.  You will get the full APK file of applications that you download from blackmart and further you can save those APK’s as a backup.

It would be great if you tell us the name of your favorite app store by commenting below.

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