Here is a complete list of all Hidden Facebook Emoticons 2014 and smileys for Chat, Status updates and commenting.

On Facebook you will find limited number of emoticons that can be used in chat and status updates. There are also some Hidden Facebook emoticons that are not present in the default Facebook emoticons list. So I decided to compile all the new Facebook smileys including some Emoji emoticons that you can in FB chat messages and status updates.

Recently I have shared a list of Hidden Skype Emoticons that was much appreciated by our visitors and that post received a great response from our loyal readers. So here comes another list of 400+ Facebook chat emoticons that you can also use in status updates. All these cool smileys can also be used in Facebook comments.

The default Facebook smileys list include merely 25 simple emoticons. If you are getting bored of the traditional smileys then below you can find a huge list of Hidden Facebook Emoticons 2014. A unique code for each smiley is there and you just have to copy-paste that code in your Facebook chat, status box or comment box and after hitting the enter button, the code will be output the same particular smiley.

Majority of the smileys mentioned in this article can be outputted with the same secret code i.e. a square box symbol. All the square boxes looks same but once you copy-paste these into your Facebook messages then they will generate the respective smileys. So, no need to worry about the same empty square short code for multiple smileys.

Full List of All Facebook Emoticons

Below image is just a screenshot of some popular Facebook smileys. You can get the complete list of 400+ emoticons and their shortcodes by clicking on the link given below.

All Facebook Emoticons

Click Here to Get Full List of All Hidden Facebook Emoticons 

If you know about any other Hidden Facebook Emoticons that I might have missed then kindly mention its shortcode in comments so that I can include it into the list.

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