Smartphones brought a great revolution in our living. Now a student doesn’t need a calculator or dictionary & a traveler does not need to carry a compass while traveling if he is having a smartphone. Developers are working continuously & releasing new apps that make our life easier. Not only android smartphones come up with alarm clocks. If you are having a simple mobile then it may also contain alarm clock app.

The difference is that the latest alarm clock apps for android are more advanced and come up with extra functionalities. Some apps require you to solve certain puzzles in order to snooze or stop the banging alarm tone.  You can assign custom alarm tune as well as multiple alarms can also be created on modern best alarm clock apps for android.

Apart from these extra features, BEST ALARM CLOCK APP FOR ANDROID  is the only one that awakes you in time. If your alarm clock is well equipped with advanced features but still you are getting late from office or school then we can’t say it the best alarm clock app for android.

Today we have a collection of best android alarm clock apps for android phones & tablets. All the alarm apps listed here are having some unique & interesting features that compel you to get up early even on Mondays. So, let’s go through the list of top 5 best alarm clock app for android.

Top 5 Best Android Alarm Clock Apps

Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android 2014

1- Alarm Clock Plus

This is a fully featured free alarm app for android that contains a number of amazing features. It is developed by Binary Tactics LLC and now available at Google Play Store for free download. It consists of digital alarm clocks, analog ones & also windup varieties.  Alarm clock plus supports multiple alarms & you may set auto snooze or auto dismiss option for each alarm.  Alram Tune Fade-In feature that slowly increases the volume of alarm will force you to always wake up in time.

It will not be easy to snooze or dimiss the alarm on Alarm clock plus android app if you enable math alarm on it. This will require you to solve a simple mathematical expression in order to snooze or disable the alarm. The difficulty level of puzzle can also be selected from the settings of app. There are tons of other features that you can check after installing it on your phone.


2- Alarm Clock Xtreme Free 

This is the most downloaded free alarm application for android phone/tablet. More than 25 million users have downloaded this app from Google Play Store and enjoying its interesting features. This alarm clock will never get you late from office if you do the recommended settings from its options panel. Its notable features include Music alarm, Random Song Alarm, auto snooze, auto dismissal of alarm etc. Math puzzle solving option is also there just like alarm clock plus.

You can set the maximum number of snoozes for each alarm and also you can set it to decrease snooze duration after each snooze.  Nap alarm can also be created that rings the alarm clock after certain time. You can download Alarm clock Xtreme free android app from Google Play Store by clicking on the button below.


3- Timely Alarm Clock

Timely Alarm clock got third position in our list of top 5 best alarm clock android apps. It turns your android phone into an amazing alarm clock equipped with dozens of cool features. Just with a simple swipe on the screen from edge, you can set alarms for specific timings. It has a number of sweet alarm tones by default that creates a pleasing wakeup environment in morning. This app will never get you late with its challenges that ensure that you are really awake while dismissing an alarm. Cloud synchronization is a unique feature of Timely alarm clock that allows you to manage, dismiss or snooze alarm on all of your devices at once.


4- I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock

As the name suggests, this app is especially for those who can’t wake up in the morning and frequently get late from their schools and offices.  The app comes up with 8 different wake up tasks that won’t let you snooze or dismiss the alarm unless you complete them. If you fail to finish the provided task, the alarm will start banging again after a few minutes.  You can set unlimited number of daily alarm for different purposes. Also the app contains huge lists of mp3 music and sweet tunes that you can set as your alarm tone.  You can give this app a try by clicking on the below download link.


5- Wave Alarm

Wave Alarm is a simple app that provides you the basic features along with 10 beautiful alarm sounds. It has a beautiful, classic interface with both digital as well as analog clocks. It also provides you daily weather updates directly from the app interface. You can also choose your favorite music or sounds as alarm tone from your own music library. The app uses Motion control technology that let you turn off the alarm by simply waving your hand over the device.  On the other hand, this feature may not help you to get up on time as you will be just waving your hand over the phone, snoozing the alarm and sleeping again. Anyways, you can test this app on your device by downloading it free from Android Market.


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