Call recording is a significant component on your phone that would provide a helping hand in managing and maintaining a track record of all your important calls as well as assist you in reminding in case you forget about a specific detail. It’s definitely a good support system if you are a business owner or even in a relationship. There are numerous call recorder apps for android available these days. Finding the best voice recording app sometimes becomes difficult. If that is the case then here you will find the top 5 call recorder apps of 2015.

If you are searching for a good android based call recording app then here’s a review of top five that you’ll find handy and pragmatic.

Top 5 Call Recording Apps for Android

1- ACR developed by NLL

Another Call Recorder (ACR) has around 5 million downloads and also has one of the highest ratings of 4.4.  It’s available for free on the Play Store. It allows the users to record both incoming and outgoing calls. The user can make use of the feature of auto-delete and clean up the folder. Once the user is done with recording, it can be dropped into the cloud cache with a file format of MP4, 3gp, wav and others. There’s also a special feature of password protection for the Pro Users to maneuver confidentiality. (Download)



It is by far the most downloaded call recording app with the download reaching 10 million and a rating of 4.2 on the App store. It allows the android users not only to record the calls, but they can make a priority list of contacts whose call needs to be recorded and ignored. It also has a specialty of the recorded file being transferred to the cloud storage whether Google Drive or Dropbox. The destination folder of the recorded calls goes to the inbox which can be altered and set to be saved in the external SD card of the phone and the size of the folder can also be prescribed by the user. This way if the folder gets full, then it will auto-delete the old files. (Download)



This call recorder has almost 1 million downloads and a rating of 4.2 on the Play store. Like its name suggests, it has the ability to record your call without hitting the record button. File management is also an efficient one as it enables the user to auto-delete the files aging around six months other than those which are marked important. You can also share the recorded files easily via e-mail and other mediums. (Download)



With the download counting at 10 million and a reasonable rating of 4, you wouldn’t want to miss this app if you want to try something new. It has the option of enabling and disabling the feature of call recording. Users can also find the aspect of locking the recorded item useful evading the auto-deleting process.  The Pro version also has the “sharing” option. (Download)



It has 1 million downloads and a profound rating of 4.3 and it’s absolutely free. Not only it enables you to record the calls but also helps you organize the list of recordings by labeling the groups by time, names and dates. Users can also save the files on the SD card of the phone. If you want to see if the app works on your phone, then use this link   to make sure. (Download)

Call recording on android has never been so convenient. Try out these call recording apps today!

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