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There may be a number of weasels who call you continuously even when you tell them not to. Such prank calls may become very annoying because it leaves you with curiosity of knowing who the caller is? How he or she got your number? And most often why is he/she calling you? What do they exactly want? Such questions pop up in our mind and we keep on thinking of the answers ourselves, since we don’t get a positive answer from the caller.  Most of the times a caller randomly selects a number and continues to annoy the recipient thinking that it’s an amusing activity. They enjoy it when the recipient gets hyper and shouts at them in return.

In such situations, it is best to stay calm and not show any agitation or distress. One should try to be tolerant even if the call is malicious and abusive. However a firm warning may help in such situations where the recipient says, “I will report to the police if you call me again”. Often people take help of police to manage such situations especially if the caller appears to be threatening. You may also try to call the Call Investigation centre (CIC) team for assistance. This investigation is kept confidential and may aid in blocking of annoying calls.

Reverse Phone Lookup

As mobile phones became common, a trend of mobile bullying has initiated and with time more people are becoming interested in this obnoxious activity. Mobile bullying should be taken seriously and there is no need to put up with such threats. If you don’t want to fall victim to such cases, make sure that you give your number only to trusted friends and family. At times, loners might give you a call and demand friendship from your side. In such instances, just keep in mind that people may not be what they say they are. So just don’t believe in what they say.

Here are some solutions to put an end to such callers:

  1. Reverse Phone Lookup:

If you truly want to identify the identity of the caller, you will need Reverse Phone Number Lookup service. As the name indicates, this service is opposite to the regular lookup in which you know the name of the person and you want to find his or her number. Here you have the number and you are going to find the name of the person. So what are you waiting for? Go to this website and write down the number to identify the person who has been such a nuisance.

  1. White pages

This is yet another reverse phone lookup website that allows you to trace out the caller name by entering their number. Log on to this website white pages. It can help you identify not only the name of the caller but also their residence. However, this option is only for US numbers, because it is actually an extensive online US directory.

  1. Addresses

Similarly, Addresses is another directory that is mostly useful for reverse lookup of addresses, searches, including both listings with names, addresses and phone numbers.

4. Pipl

Pipl is a reverse lookup search engine which can find any information about a number. It does not have its own directory and find the relevant information from search engines.

    5. Phonebooks

This website combines listings from various phonebooks both residential and business. It has a comprehensive option for landline numbers. It offers varied listing including some cell phone numbers.

Don’t keep your curiosity at bay. Get to know your prank caller today with these Reverse phone lookup services and remain safe!

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