Computer performance matters a lot and it has a great impact on the person working on it. If your computer works slowly and takes lot of time in doing tasks and processing, then its a time to apply some basic tweaks in order to speedup your computer. Just by following simple steps, you can make your computer run faster than before. Interesting thing is that even if you have little information about using computer, you still can apply these simple tricks. There are many factors which can cause slow down of computer while running applications and doing other tasks. So, here i am going to share some tricks which will surely help you to boost your computer performance.


Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup utility helps to delete unnecessary data and temporary files from your hard drive. If your hard drive contains useless files then surely they will also occupy some space and this will also affect the speed of your computer. By performing Disk Cleanup, You will  have some extra space available for storing new data.

In order to perform disk cleanup on Windows 7 /XP/Vista ,Click on Start button> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup. A dialog box will appear with a list of your hard disk drives. Select the disk drive on which you want to perform disk cleanup. Select the types of files you want to remove perform the disk cleanup operation. After Performing disk cleanup, restart your computer and you will notice better performance of your computer.

Disk CleanUp


Disk Defragmenter

Its another utility available with Microsoft Windows which allows you to Manage all of your data on Hard Disk in a proper way. By performing disk defragmentation, all of your hard disk data will be rearranged automatically and you will be able to access it in less time. Actually this utility decreases the time taken by a computer to read and write files to Hard Disk. Computer start up time can also be reduced significantly by this utility. In order to perform this task, Simple Click on Start button> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defregmenter. Select the drives on which you want to perform defragmentation and press the Disk Defragmenter button. You can also schedule your computer to run this utility automatically at a specified time.

Disk Defragmenter

Antivirus Installation

Protecting your PC from viruses and malwares should be the most prior task for boosting the working speed of computer. There are many viruses that not only harm data stored on computer but also make computer slowdown that eventually kills the system performance. Some viruses generate error messages and add useless processes to auto start list that puts a lot of burden on RAM which makes computer slowdown and they can even crash your Operating System.

I will recommend you to Install Avast Internet Security and USB Disk Security for better protection against threats and viruses.

Avast Internet Security

Autostart Processes

There are some applications that keep running on in the background.  Those applications are automatically launched when a computer is started. Such applications consume the major part of RAM and make your computer slow down when you run any other software. So, it is necessary to remove those Software’s from auto start list. First of all click on Start Button> All programs> Startup, there you will find shortcuts of applications that run automatically (if any). There are some other processes which are hidden and can be traced by using software like USB Disk Security. By using this software, you can easily get the list of all processes that run automatically on system start up and you can also disable those processes. USB Disk security also helps to protect your System from Viruses and malwares that may infect your system through removable USB disks. Note that antiviruses also work in background and their process will also be listed in the auto start list of programs. It is recommended that you should not disable these types of System processes.

USB Disk Security Autostart List

Uninstall Useless Softwares

This is one of the major reason causing System slow down. Many people install a lot of softwares with different versions that affect computer performance. More softwares installed means that computer will take more time to process data. So, its important to install useless softwares. It is recommended to install small softwares instead of using heavy softwares. Like Adobe reader is a heavy software as compared to Foxit PDF reader. Both can so the same task but it will be helpful to use Foxit PDF reader for better system performance.

Uninstall Softwares


If you know other ways to increase system performance and speed, do let us know about those in the comments.

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