Facebook, the most addictive social network website is used by People to keep in touch with their loved ones. But in 2013, Facebook is more widely used for marketing purposes.  Most of people use Facebook for business purposes in order to promote their business. Social media like Facebook can also become a source of traffic for websites and blogs. Nowadays, every website owner or blogger have a Facebook business Page where they promote their products. So, Managing Facebook page is also important. You can have more benefit of Facebook Pages for business purposes by installing some cool Facebook Page applications. Many people are unaware of Applications for Facebook pages and they don’t understand the benefits of installing applications on Facebook Pages. You can super charge your Facebook page and even you can easily customize it just by installing Facebook applications for Pages. These apps will increase engagement of your fans with your Page and also help you to build a community.

So, today i am going to share some cool applications for Facebook pages. By installing these Page applications you will be able to manage your Page easily and promote your brand more effectively.

Fan Of The Week

Its a best Facebook application for pages which will automatically choose one of your fan as fan of the week. The application determines fan of the week automatically at the end of every week. You can also choose fan of the week manually. The winner’s name will be posted on the wall of your page as honor.  All of your Page fans can also apply to be the next fan of the week and this will increase engagement of users with your Facebook page and with your product. After installing this application on your Facebook brand page you will get more likes, comments and shares from your fans as people will struggle to be the next fan of the week. 🙂

  Fan of the Week App Facebook

Smart Suggest

If you want to increase your Facebook Page fans you should install this application on your fan page. It will allow your visitors to suggest your Page to their friends. Normally, Page owner can invite his/her friends to like their page but after installing this app on your fan page, all of your visitors will also be able to promote your Facebook page by inviting their friends. An invitation can be sent by writing a custom message and selecting friends to whom you want to send invitation.


Contact Us Tab

You can also facilitate your Facebook fans by providing them option to contact you directly through Facebook Page. You may be thinking that Message option available for Pages can serve this purpose. Yes, it can but this application will allow you to add some custom input fields like a form. Users will have to fill out the form with required information while contacting you. This Facebook Page application will be more productive for people selling products directly from their Facebook Fan Pages or from websites.

Contact Us App Facebook Pages


Custom Tabs

Many people search for adding custom tab to Facebook Fan Pages. There are many other Facebook apps which an also serve the purpose but the application i am going to share will allow you to add fully customized additional tabs to your Facebook pages. You can choose a suitable title for your new tab and select appropriate image for it. The application is capable of showing data from different sources when a person clicks on a tab. There are four different options which can be selected as a source of your new custom tab. These options include URL, Redirect, Image and HTML.

I will prefer to use the last option because it can be more productive. You can add information related to your brand, products, website etc. by using their WYSIWYG editor. You can also provide your contact details, phone numbers, emails etc.  to facilitate your customers. Links to your other social profiles and websites can also be shared by inserting use the editor.

Iframe Custom Tab App Facebook Pages


 Contests and Promotions

Running contests and promotional offers are very ways of getting more fans engaged to your Facebook Pages. You should run small contests and offer prizes to your customers in order to encourage your fans to promote your Facebook Pages and products. By offering gifts to your valued fans, you will surely get more benefits and responses from your fans and it will also increase engagement with your products. You should install short stack application for Facebook pages in order to run contests and create promotional offers.

I will be happy to know which Facebook applications you use on your Facebook Pages to promote your business? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.


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