‘To be, or not to be – that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms of outrageous fortune.’

Such is the case with Wi-Fi these days. ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wish’d, to die-to sleep.’ Wi-Fi is what keeps us awake till late in the night since there is so much to do with it. Now it is impossible to think of life without Wi-Fi. Nowadays the only way to remain “in” is by being available “online”. Having Wi-Fi turned off is near to death. Wi-Fi has consumed us to such an extent.

Funny WI-Fi Names

A name holds power in shaping identity hence it should be chosen very carefully. Often names carry potent messages that not everyone can understand. Sometimes stereotypes are attached to certain names. It may speak volumes about tastes and values of the person who decides the name. However, a number of people think otherwise. In Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Juliet argues that a person’s name is not nearly as important as whom the person really is on the inside. Yet often we choose names that are famous, amusing, or simply different.

The wireless network has spread immensely these days. Wi-Fi technology may be used to provide internet access to devices that are within the range of network. The range can extend from an area as small as few rooms to as large as many square kilometers.

Funny names could be given to the Wi-Fi connections caught by your neighborhood such as:

  1. Get out, its’ my territory
  2. Let’s bathe in the signals!
  3. Mouse in the house!
  4. Listen to me please…
  5. Here check me out
  6. Look at my new setting
  7. This is My region
  8. I am the king of the world!
  9. Leave me Alone, will you?
  10. It’s going to burn out
  11. Stop buzzing around
  12. Just got a new router
  13. Love the way you lie
  14. Forget it, it’s all a crap
  15. Can you do me a favor?
  16. Bug spying in the air
  17. How ya doin’?
  18. Your mama’s calling
  19. Do Not Disturb
  20. Work in progress
  21. Naughty Naughty!
  22. Sky diving is fun
  23. Yes, Go on Wi-Fi
  24. Weeeeeeeee Wi-Fi
  25. Shoo off its mine
  26. I am singing in the rain
  27. Itchy witchy Wi-Fi
  28. No wires yet internet
  29. Safe surfing
  30. Gliding in the wind
  31. Floating in the ocean
  32. Submerged in the sea
  33. Who ho Wi-Fi
  34. I am loving it
  35. Lord of the kings
  36. Kinship rules
  37. Sailing in the ship
  38. Get a break, turn on Wi-Fi
  39. I rule because I win
  40. Don’t seduce me like this
  41. I believe I can fly!
  42. Don’t mess with your daddy!
  43. Hey, my turn to upload
  44. Get me out of here
  45. Out of Range
  46. Honey lets go for a ride
  47. Its wire free, Its Wi-Fi
  48. Good gracious I can fly
  49. No Internet Access
  50. Wi-Fire in Hell

So put a smile on your neighbors’ faces, each time they turn on their Wi-Fi! And you should feel good about it because you are actually making someone laugh!

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