We love our Android phones for all the sleek features they toss at us, and once we have spend only a few minutes using them, we know it’s not just the suave and accomplished features that leave us smitten, it is the sheer freedom to customize them that serves to be the icing on the cake.

Android gives us an absolute free rein over what features we want our phone to boast of, and we don’t always have to go for rooting the device. But, for those who have had their stint with Google’s play store and have gone through installing and using the latest of apps several times over, there is one thing they probably have missed out on, and that is, customizing the look and feel of their home-screen.

You really don’t have to settle with the default home screen settings of your phone. The Android launchers, as they are called, are what transform your home screen to something that is far from being typical. Whether you want it to look extravagantly stylish, or you wish to make it even more user-friendly, you have got your options.

The Android phones have already helped us a great deal in getting the best out of wireless technology and these android launchers are further enriching our experience by lending our phones with a home screen that is fresh, exclusive to our taste, and highly visually appealing. And if you are still wondering which Android launcher should you use, here are the very best of them:

 Best Android Launchers of 2014

best android launchers - featured

1- Google Now Launcher

If you have been wanting your phone’s first screen look like your Windows desktop, Google Now Launcher has all the options for your to play around with. This launcher combines exquisite design, user-friendliness and compatibility in a single package. The button-free voice control adds accessibility and you get a number of transparent window bars for adding some gloss to the screen.

Google Now Launcher


2- Buzz Launcher

Buz Launcher is a pretty loaded launcher recommended by most of the reputed Android Application Development Services that comes with features blazing. It gives you the freedom of customizing your screen completely with new widgets, backgrounds, new icons, etc. Or, in case you aren’t willing to spend a lot of time customizing your phone, you can instead go with the ready-made layouts that have been created by the Android community. They have also created a number of home-screens that you can simply hit the install button to.

Buzz Launcher

3- Apex Launcher

Apex has already made waves in the Android market for its remarkable combination of performance and user-friendliness. It hands you over with great customization capabilities to attractively alter the home screen and also gives you the provision of rotating the home screen if you own a Nexus. Apex is most suited for those with tablets and the Apex Notifier Service sends notifications right to a widget on the home screen. Even those the Pro version does need you to let loose some cash, the features make it totally worth it.

Apex Launcher

4- Action Launcher Pro

If you wish to effortlessly launch apps within folders, Action Launcher Pro is your best bet. It helps you create a suite of shortcuts and creating widgets is a job far too simple with this one.

Action Launcher Pro

5- Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher doesn’t create as much fuss as the other apps. It gives you a tailored version of your present home screen and some options for you to further customize it till you deem it fit for your taste. It makes things beguilingly interesting with its fluid effect (which is fast, if you want to know). There is a whole ensemble of Nova action widgets  for you to make segregations with and on.

Nova Launcher

6- ADW Launcher

Among all the launchers available, ADW is one which hands you over with maximum customization capability. Whether you wish an app to be displayed in a different color, or need some different gesture for accessing the apps, you have got plenty of alternatives with ADW Launcher. However, you can also  opt to Hire Android Developers for ADW as it often tosses few performance issues at the user and also is not all that user-friendly.

ADW launcher

7- Espier Launcher

If you have bought yourself an Android that you wish to look like an Apple, Espier Launcher might just be the thing you need. The default configurations in Espier combine the look of the latest in iOS with some incredible Android features. You can download some versatile plugins from the app store to further play around this tool.

Espier Launcher

These best android launchers are precisely what you need to give your phone the makeover you wanted. Install them and let your android phone break free of the mainstream.

About the Author:

Victoria Brinsley is a technical content writer and working for a reputed Android  Application Development Services – Appsted.com. You can hire Android developers with her best consultation.

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