These days, preparation of slides for presentations is not a big deal & one can easily create a high quality presentation within minutes. The well-known Microsoft PowerPoint is used commonly for slides preparation. For the preparation of slides one should always add some animations & effects in order to get the attention of audience. With the passage of time, trends have been changed & a number of productive apps are available these days that help us to present our ideas in a modern way.

Today, I am going to review a trending application that will surely help you out to convert your boring presentations into interesting ones. 9slides is a website that allows you to share your presentations with online community. Along with that, you can also add video clips/audio with your presentation.


If your presentation is too long then your audience might get bored of it. So, if you add a related short video clip to your presentation then it will grab the attention of your audience. This job can be done easily with the help of 9slides application.

9slides is also helpful if you want to create training courses for your organization.  If you hire temporary staff for your organization & want to train them without spending much time then 9 slides can help you to create training courses for your temporary staff. You can create a video recording of yourself while presenting & then you can synchronize it with your presentation slides. So, if anyone missed the seminar in which you presented, he/she will still be able to get benefit out of it.

This will also be helpful for business people who offer online training courses of different types. You can add video tutorials along with the slides for technical presentations & make then interactive. You can also add a voice recording of yourself along with the presentation slides for demonstration.

How to Start?

  • First of all create an account at 9slides website by clicking here.
  • Now login to your account and from the dashboard, upload the presentation which you already have.
  • Upload a video clip or Audio file which you want to play along with the slides. (optional)
  • Now you will have to sync the slides with Video clip or Audio you just uploaded.
  • Add a suitable title, description & presenter name in the relevant fields.
  • From the advanced tab, you can also edit the transcripts of each slide.
  • From the right side, select who can view your presentation & finally hit the publish button.

9slides Access Controls

One thing which is which I dislike is that 9slides application removes the animations/effects of different elements in slides. Animations help a lot to grab the attention of audience & also make your presentation more attractive. After uploading your presentation to 9slides application, all the animations will be discarded automatically.

Importing Presentations to 9slides

Apart from uploading presentations from your computer, one can also import presentations from different online services like slideshare, Google Plus, Drop Box &

Import Presentations

Analytics of Talks

Each presentation you create with 9slides will be termed as a Talk. You will be able to see full analytics stats of your talks from the user dashboard. The analytics include number of plays, duration of plays, total views etc.

9Slides Analytics


Want to Download Presentations from 9slides?

Unfortunately this option is not available for trial users. When I tried to download my video synchronized presentation from 9 slides, it didn’t allowed me.  The monthly price of Premium account varies from 6$ to 299$.

9Slides Mobile Apps

9slides is fully compatible with desktop as well as mobile devices. Windows Phone Users can get their application from Windows Store. For iOS users, here is the download link of 9slides application for IPads.

An Example Presentation Created With 9Slides

So, it’s your time to try 9slide application & don’t forget to share your views in comments.

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