After spending great vacations at home, now I am back to University and my 5th Semester of BSc Civil Engineering has been started. Just like other Schools, colleges, Universities etc. a proxy server setup is here at our university through which internet facility is provided to the students and staff. Through Squid proxy server, a limited access to internet is provided to the students. Also many students are facing problem while accessing Facebook from hostels.

Everybody knows that proxy websites can be used to access blocked websites. This is true, but if you talk about accessing Facebook or other social networks using proxy websites then you will not be able to use them properly.

Sometimes it will lock your Facebook account due to anonymous access to account and sometimes it will logout you automatically. This is due to the reason that many proxy websites have JavaScript disabled and since Javascript in browser is to be enabled for proper functioning of social networks like Facebook, so that causes the problem.

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After surfing a lot, finally I found 2 working methods for accessing blocked websites like Facebook even if you internet access filtered through proxy servers. So, in this article I am going to share those tricks with you guys that will allow you to access Facebook and other blocked websites like YouTube with proxy.

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 Access Denied- Facebook

How to Access Blocked Facebook on Proxy Server

By Using Tor Browser

Tor browser is a great proxy web browser that allows you to surf the internet anonymously. Using Tor browser, you can also access Facebook and other social networks which are blocked in Schools, Colleges, offices and universities etc. It is basically a portable web browser that needs no installation. You can even copy it USB flash drive directly run it from there.  The interface of Tor web browser is just like Mozilla Firefox. So hopefully you will not face any difficulty while using it.

How to Setup Tor Browser

First of all download Tor Browser for Windows, Mac OSX or Linux by clicking here.  Run the downloaded exe file and extract all the contents. The Folder containing the extracted contents will contain a file named Start Tor Browser. You will have to run that file and a new Vidalia window will be opened.

Now, if your internet access is restricted by Proxy Server then you will have to set the proxy settings.

Click on the settings button and move on to the network tab from the newly opened window. Check mark 1st option and input the Proxy server Address, Port, Username and Password there.

From the type, select http/https and finally save your settings.

Tor Browser Proxy Settings

Finally click on Start tor button and after waiting for a few seconds, it will open Tor browser while assigning you a different IP Address. Now you will be able to access any blocked website from there.

 Tor Browser Starting

Tor Browser Proxy

By Using

Higgaw is a cool proxy website through which you can access mobile version of Facebook even if it is blocked by your internet service provider. Just open, Enter URL of Facebook and press the go button to access your Facebook account. Remember that this proxy website can only be used to access Facebook mobile version. If you want to open desktop version of Facebook then you will have to follow the first method.

Higgaw - Facebook

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So, That is all about accessing Facebook if it is blocked by Proxy Servers and if you still face any difficulty then feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on Facebook. Cheers!

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