Recently I have shared some best WordPress plugins to add Sticky Footer bar in WordPress. Now many people asked me How to add a fixed floating widget in WordPress sidebar, which just sticks at its place even the user scrolls down. So in this article, we will learn how to quickly add a sticky widget in WordPress. Floating widgets are helpful to grab attention of visitors as compared to other normal widgets. Many people use them to place social widgets, subscription boxes, and other promotional offers.

You can make any type of sidebar widget “sticky” or floating by following the simple procedure. You can make sticky photo galleries, sidebar videos, related or recent posts widget or even advertisements. But remember that its against Google AdSense terms and conditions to make their ads float along the screen. If you have other type of ads then you can make them fixed at one location using q2w3 fixed widget plugin.

How to Add Floating Widget in WordPress?

There is no need to modify your templates neither you are required to add new codes. With the help of simple plugin, we will make any of WordPress sidebar widget fixed & sticky.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. From the plugins menu, click on Add new link
  3. Type Q2W3 Fixed Widget in the search box and click on search plugins
  4. Install the 1st plugin titled “Q2W3 Fixed Widget
  5. Under the appearance menu click on Fixed Widget Options link
  6. Set the margins & other widget settings if necessary
  7. Now from the same appearance menu, click on Widgets link
  8. Add a new widget or modify any previous one.
  9. Just at the bottom of widget, check the option titled “Fixed Widget”
  10. You are done.

WordPress sticky fixed widgetfixed widget in wordpress

Now after refreshing your blog you will see that even after scrolling down through the page, the widget will not go away from the screen. It will now simple stick at its place. You can make as many widget fixed as you like using this simple plugin. Cheers!

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