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About This Tool:

It is an online Free AdSense Earnings Calculator. You will have to get number of Page-views, Click Through Rate(CTR) and Cost per Click (CPC) from your AdSense account and put the figures in the relevant text-boxes given above. After filling the 3 text-boxes, click on the Calculate button and you  will get the final results including your Estimated AdSense earnings, Total number of Clicks and Revenue per 1000 Impressions (RPM).

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Technical Terms Used:

  • CPC => Cost Per Click
  • CTR=> Click Through Rate
  • RPM => Revenue Per 1000 Impressions

Remember that if you enter CPC in Pounds or any other currency then automatically you will get the calculated AdSense earnings in Pounds/other currency.

How AdSense Earnings are Calculated?

AdSense earnings depend majorly on three factors that are:

  1. Total Pageviews
  2. CTR
  3. CPC

Following three formulas are used to estimate projected AdSense Earnings, No of Clicks and RPM.

  1. Earnings = (Page CTR/100) * Pageviews * CPC
  2. Total Clicks = (Page CTR/100) * Pageviews
  3. RPM = (Earnings/Pageviews) * 1000



This tool is in no way related to Google AdSense nor it fetches any data from it.