Last Year I published a brief review of SEMrush that explains how this great tool is beneficial for bloggers. It is indeed the best keyword research tool for bloggers. Here in this article you will learn how to do keyword research with SEMrush and discover the low competition and high paying keywords. Before moving on towards our main topic let me tell you how bloggers can use it to out rank their competitors websites..

SEMrush for Bloggers

Using SEMRush you can analyze the websites of your competitors and get idea about their estimated monthly traffic from Search Engines. You can also get the list of keywords for which your competitors and ranking their websites in Google. Its backlinks checker tool will gives you the list of all inbound links to a specific domain and this way you can get idea about the backlink strategy of your competitors.

So when you will get all the ranked keywords as well as backlinks report of your competitor websites then it will be easy for you to out rank them in SERPs. You can write more detailed articles while targeting those keywords and try to build stronger backlinks or at least the same ones in order to get your site on the top of search results.  So this is how bloggers can smartly rank their websites better in Google.

Keyword Research with SEMrush

SEMrush is a handy tool to generate new blog post ideas just with the help of single seed keyword. I use it to discover Long Tail keywords whenever I feel short of new blog post ideas. After that I sort them out and create a list of topics for writing new articles. Below is my keyword research strategy that you can also implement and find LSI keywords with good search volumes and CPC with the help of SEMrush.

We will be using MozBar and SEMrush Pro account for finding the most profitable keywords that could be ranked easily in Google.

Example 1

In this example we will find some high CPC keywords in IPhone niche with low competition and large search volume.

First of all Install MozBar extension in your browser. Then open SEMRUSH and enter your seed keyword in the search box. I will be using IPhone as my seed keyword in this example.

SEMRush - IPhone - Seed Keyword

You can see from the above screenshot that SEMrush has provided me all the data related to this keyword including its CPC, search volume, search trend, number of results in Google& also its advertiser’s competition.

You will also see a detailed phrase match report of your keyword. Click on the full report link given just below it. Now it will generate a list of all search terms containing IPhone keyword along with volume, CPC & search trend of each keyword. From the below screenshot you can see that there are total 134,142 popular search terms that contain ‘Iphone’.

Phrase Match Report

Click on the down arrow below the CPC in order to list all the keywords in descending order of their CPC. This list will also contain some keywords with very low search volume. We can easily apply filter and get only those keywords having search volume greater than some value. In this example I have filtered all the keywords with search volume more than 300 in ascending order of their CPC.

SEMRush Keywords Filtered CPC Wise

Export the whole list of keywords to an Excel file. You will see the export button on the top right side along with filter button.

Now copy paste each keyword one by one in Google Search and checkout its keyword difficulty just with a single click. Mozbar gives you keyword difficulty in terms of percentage. Lower is the value of keyword difficulty, it will be easier for you to rank that specific keyword in Google.  I usually prefer to select keywords with KC value ranging from 20%-30%. You can select keywords according to Domain authority, Page Authority & page rank of your website.

I am going to selected the keyword “iphone screen went black”. Its CPC is $48.80 and Keyword difficulty indicated by MOZis just 20%. Isn’t it great?

Finally you can write an article while considering your targeted keyword and get your blog post ranked better in Google.

Example No.2MozBar

Considering that I have a blog on which I want to write How to Guides related to Facebook. Below is the procedure I will follow to get a list of topics on which can write How to Guides related to Facebook. My target is to get some long tails keywords related to Facebook How to guides with search volume between 300 to 3000 monthly & CPC greater than $0.1.

First of all I will enter the seed keyword Facebook in the search box. Just like in the previous example, it will give me all the details of this keyword including phrase match report as well as related keywords. By clicking the full report link below the phrase match box, I will expand my list of keywords. Here I will be filtering all the search terms starting with how to and including the keyword Facebook.

Remember that it’s now easy to rank the keywords with large search volume, so we need only those keywords having search volume ranging from 300 to 3000. We can easily do it by applying 2 more filters to search volume.  Now I also want to exclude all the keywords with CPC less than $0.1. This can be done simple by applying another filter on CPC.

So now you will get the final list of all keywords in your niche according to your required search volume and CPC. From the below screenshot you can see that there are total 91 keywords that fulfill our criteria. You can further sort out keywords by checking their competition in Google with the help of MozBar extension.

Filtered Keywords - Example 2



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Final Words

SEMRush is no doubt the best Keyword Research tool for bloggers. It’s far better than Google Adwords tool and gives you a huge list of keywords on which you can apply filters according to your needs and discover the most profitable and most searched long tail keywords.  SEMrush free account limits the keywords list to 10 terms only and the PRO version costs you $69.95. Being loyal reader of ARWebZone, you can apply the promo code ARWEBZONE-543PJ9GY and get free SEMrush Pro account for 14 Days trial.

Having some question or confusion related to SEMrush tool? Feel free to discuss it with me and i will try to sort it out. 🙂

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