Not much time has passed since the launch of Android 4.4 and the news of the new version of operating system is out. This may be called Android 5.0. It may look similar to Kitkat, but may reorganize many integrated apps, change icon styles and showcase new features. The markets are buzzing with leaked reports, speculations and expectations. I have summarized the whole for you to know what to expect from the latest offering. Take a look regarding release date, interface, features and design.

Android Versions History

The release date

It is expected to hit the market on the same day as Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco on 25th of June. Every new version of Android takes time to reach the consumer, thanks to their developmental policy. The previous version Kitkat 4.4 was seen only on Nexus 5 smartphone. The soon to be launched version is likely to bring changes to all the devices. It may reach the new set of smartphones by the end of September or early October.

The design

Plenty of changes are expected vis-a-vis design. The ones those may see the light are pull down notification bar and app drawer, settings menu, design and appearance of the home screen, layout and more. The icons may appear differently. As per a leaked report, they are similar to the present crop of icons on Google but are different from Android icons.


A unified chat service is on its way through the new version. It may incorporate Hangout, Voice, Talk, Messenger, Chat for Google Drive and Chat on Google +. The mobile experience is expected to touch new heights with this kind of integration.


The interface reports leaked tell us that it wears a new face and will be named Moonshine. The color of the screen may be blue instead of the present grey. The rumors are rife that following the footsteps of Apple’s iWatch and iOS 8, Google is planning to add some smart fitness built-ins. It is nicknamed Google Bable. Future smartphone and tablets may come laden with this sort of software. Some say that the new OS will in fact be Chrome OS, Google’s high power operating system.

The name

The previous versions have been named after some famous confectioneries. After Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, ice cream sandwich, Jelly bean and Kitkat, this may be called Lollipop or LimePie. But there are some speculations regarding this. According to some, this time the name may be generic. They may drift away from their tradition of naming after the confectioneries this time.

Android may have 64-bit memory, a sharp rise from 32-bit. Great news. Isn’t it?

These new additions make us all more excited for the new operating system.

As Google is also going to launch new wearable technology through its Android Wear and Google Glass, The time is rife for the mobile app development to roll out more and more applications as they do for iOS.

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We are waiting eagerly for the release of Android 5.0. So what are your expectations from the new upcoming android version?

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