On Google Play Store you can find a number of productive apps for your android smartphone. This time I am going to share one of those useful and productive android applications that every android user must have installed on his smartphone. Astro File Manager APK download links are here for you. If you don’t already know about ASTRO file Manager  for Android then here is a brief review of it. So, let’s come to the interesting features of ASTRO file manager and at the end you will get the Astro File Manager full version APK download links for android.

About ASTRO File Manager

Just as the name indicates, it is a powerful free file manager (explorer) for android phones. You can use it organize, manage and share photos, videos, music, documents and apps. You will be able to manage data on Phone internal storage as well as on SD Card using ASTRO File Manager for android. Unique feature of this application is that it also allows you to manage documents/data on cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook and Sky Drive etc.) You can backup your data on the cloud accounts with a single tap using ASTRO file manager.

Apps backup is an interesting feature of ASTRO file manager that allows you to take backups on installed android apps in APK format and uploads them directly to cloud storage. You can also share your installed android apps with your friends by converting them into APK package using ASTRO file manager for android.  So, it’s a powerful Apps backup and Restore tool for android devices. I have already explained the procedure for getting APK of already installed android apps in another article. The link is given below:

Convert Installed Android Apps into APK using ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO file manager has another functionality allowing you to kill tasks that eat up your battery. It is an amazing task killer that can terminate any running application or process immediately. But my personal suggestion is that task killing is not recommended for android devices as all the background running processes are automatically stopped as soon as your phone goes to sleep.

The Free version of ASTRO File Manager displays ads and in order to get ad free version, you can buy ASTRO File Manager Pro Full version for android from Google Play Store.

ASTRO File Manager Free APK Download Links

Download ASTRO File Manager APK

Download ASTRO File Manger from Google Play Store

So, install it on your android phone and don’t forget to share your experience in comments below. Cheers!

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