A number of online voice recorders are available over the internet these days. Majority of them are paid and you will also find some free voice recorders. This time I am here with review of Apower Online Audio Recorder that is one of the most popular free audio recorder tool. I hope that you will enjoy using this free Voice recorder application.

Apowrsoft is no doubt an outstanding Free web Audio recorder that I have tried. This program is definitely fast and reliable since it doesn’t need any download and installation on your computer. By using this program, you can now grab streaming music, online podcast, radio shows, audio chats and even microphone voice.

Moreover, this tool also possesses a friendly user interface that will be beneficial for first time users with its one click recording.

How it Works?

Unlike other audio recorder that requires installation and add-on, the Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder can be utilized simply with just few steps. You can follow the below instructions to record audio with ease:

1- Go to the web-based audio recorder webpage.

2- Upon entering the webpage, you can immediately see the “Start Recording” button right on the upper part of the page. Hit it and activate Java Applet which may take a few seconds to take effect. Activate Apowersoft Voice Recorder

3- Enable the Java by clicking “Run”, then the interface of Apowersoft audio recorder will show up.

4- You can make the settings, specify the input audio source and output directory according to your needs.

set input in Free online voice recorder

5- Play the audio, and click the “Record” button to begin with the recording simply, press the “Stop” button when it’s done.

indentify mp3 while recording The good thing about this application is that is allows to record audio into various formats including MP3, WAV, WMV, FLAC, AAC and etc. In this case, you can play the audio on any players and digital devices smoothly.

Interesting Features That You Can Get

Aside from a powerful audio recorder, this application is also equipped with a bunch of other features that will fulfill every one’s needs when it comes to audio management.

  1. Record audio from computer and microphone easily – Recording a MP3 track or any audio can be easily done with this application regardless of its source. Now you can record any special moments such as voice chat, online music stream, or extract sound from an Internet video, etc.

Tips: When recording audio from any internet sources, be sure that the audio will be played continuously without any buffering to avoid interruptions with the recording.

  1. Record high quality audio – Compare to other recording tools, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder provides an audio recording of 1:1 quality, which means the same exact quality of the original one. Furthermore, this recorder has an automatic ID3 identifier that provides every detail that you need to know from a song such as the artist name, song name, genre, and so forth.


  1. Support to schedule audio recording – In case that you are quite a busy person, you can benefit well with this tool’s “Create schedule task” function. By means of this feature, the user can set a certain time for the recording to take place even without his/her presence.

Create Task Apowersoft Voice Recorder

  1. Manage recorded audio with ease – After recording, you can easily manage or modify the audio file that you just saved. You can play, rename, convert, delete, edit ID3 tags, and many more.

manage recorded files With such a simple and smart application, all the audios you want can be saved within several clicks. Try it and enlarge your audio library free!

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