Google Play Store contains millions of Free and Paid applications and thousands of new ones are also being added on daily basis. Out of Millions of android applications, there are some apps that everyone must have installed for better productivity, performance and usage. Like File Explorer, Antivirus, Web Browser, Video Player etc. are some of the apps that you must have on your mobile. Similarly, app lock and security apps are also much necessary for privacy concerns.

If we talk about preference then Security should be your first concern and along with an antivirus program, one must have a good app locker application installed on his device. Security of personal data, messages, contacts, photos and videos is a very much important consideration for smartphone users. There are dozens of free app lockers for android that allow the owner to Best Free App locker for androidlock any application. Once you set the password for a specific application then next time you will have to input the same in order to open it. This way you can password protect your apps and data from unauthorized access.

Developers have released a number of security apps for android and all have some pros and cons over others. I have tried a number of app locker apps and here I have sorted out the best ones for your selection.

Let’s move towards the collection of top app lock android apps of 2014.

Best App Lockers for Android 2014

1- Smart App Protector

This app locker comes up with advanced security features that allow you to protect installed apps via password, pattern lock or gestures. It can be used to lock any installed application including the default ones. Interesting feature is that it can capture the photo of intruder automatically after a wrong password in entered. The app can be used to display fake error message on opening specified apps.   Furthermore It can also be used to block incoming and outgoing calls.

Its advanced settings allow you to automatically deactivate lock on specified locations, remotely lock Apps by SMS, Setting a specific time period for app lock and locking of 3G Data. More features you can explore after installing it on your device.


2- AppLock

This is the most downloaded and the best security application for your android device. This app works best to hide personal photos and videos. No more need to worry about privacy. The photos and videos which you add into Photo vault and Video vault will be automatically hidden and one can only access them by providing the correct password. Similarly you can put a lock on any application installed on your Phone including Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, Google Play Store, Games etc. Messages, Contacts and Settings panel can also be password-protected using this app locker for android.

The app keeps on running in background and automatically starts after you restart your mobile phone. From the application settings panel you can easily set a custom Password for the apps, mark the apps you want to lock and activate it.


3- Perfect Applock

This is another free android app locker application with a 4.6 rating on Google Play Store. It can lock any installed application with a PIN code or you can set a custom lock pattern for it. Just like smart app protector, it is also capable of blocking incoming and outgoing calls. If your mobile phone has a front camera then it will automatically capture photo of the person just after 3rd wrong password attempt. Fake popup screen to display fake error messages can also be enabled from the options panel.

If your mobile phone is inaccessible or you are on the way then the app lock feature can also be turned on just by sending an SMS. You can download perfect applock for android by clicking on the link below:


4- Smart Applock

This is a bit simpler application that is fully capable of doing its primary task of locking any android application within seconds. It works well for privacy of your Facebook account, WhatsApp, Viber etc. and in order to password protect your personal messages folder. Set a unique password or pattern for the apps and make your private apps/data securer. The system lock feature enables advanced security for the application that prevents the app from being uninstalled or killed. It can also disable installation and uninstallation of apps from your device without permission and that adds more security.


5- Fast App Lock

Fast App lock is another handy application that comes with the traditional features of app locking i.e, Password Protection and Pattern Locking. You can use it for locking private apps on your android device. A widget can be placed on home screen for instant enabling/disabling of application. From the options panel, you can set a custom security question through which you can reset password in-case you forget it. Fast app lock is a free application and you can download it from Google Play Store by the below link.


That’s all about the 5 best App locker apps for android devices. Try these apps on your mobile and don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Cheers!

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