Thousands and thousands of android apps for toddlers are released on the Google Play Store every day. Many of these apps offer learning along with entertainment for kids and toddlers and parents also enjoy these apps along with toddlers. Some apps are filled with advertisements and offer little entertainment while others are very interesting. If you find difficult to choose the best android apps for toddlers then here we selected some cool android apps for kids. Good thing about these apps is that all of these are available on Google play store and you can download them free from there. Let’s have a look:

Best Android Apps for Toddlers

Best Android Apps for Toddlers in 2017

1- YouTube Kids

Kids YouTube is without any doubt one of the most played android app for toddlers in the world. One can hardly keep count of how many hours they have spent watching videos on YouTube. Kids YouTube is exactly what it says – a YouTube version for kids. The app was designed to provide you and your family a pleasant entertainment environment where one can find different TV shows, music or videos.

Download Youtube for Kids on Android

You can do all the housework you want while the kids are occupied with YouTube! The apps features a slick design with huge buttons for easy use. It also provides parental control feature so you can set up a selective filter to control the kind of content allowed to watch. There is also a timer to keep your kids on a healthy entertainment schedule. It is fun; it is educational and is one of the best toddler apps for Android.

2- Endless Alphabet

Most children start recognizing letters between the ages of 2 to 3 years. If your toddler is in this age bracket, an entertainment app is exactly what you need to teach them while playing. The Endless Alphabet from Originator Inc. is designed to teach and introduce your kids to words and letters through minigames.

Endless Alphabet Android Game for Kids

When it’s game time, take out the tablet and let your children put words together to solve the spelling puzzles. The app features many colorful cartoon characters, encouraging your children to solve the puzzles. If your children manage to solve the puzzle, they are rewarded with funny animations that explain to them the meaning of the word they just finish. So don’t get astonished if your kid say do my essay for me after playing this educational game.On top of the engaging game-play and interesting graphic, this free education game for toddlers can be downloaded free from Google playstore.

If you are happy with the free version with seven basic words, you should look to purchase the full game and unlock the hundreds of puzzles and animations for your kids to explore.

3- iStoryTime Storybook Library

Do you remember way back when parents used to tell kids fairy tales before sleeping? Well now with a phone or a tablet, you don’t have to wait until bedtime to tell a story to your children. The iStoryTime storybooks library is one of the top android apps for kids for storytelling.

iStory Time Story Book for Kids on Android

There are plenty of free kid’s games for Android but it’s rare to find a dedicated educational app for your toddler that is also free. The app feature a large collection of storybooks, including not only beautiful arts and illustrations but also audio and professionally voiced narration. The app serve as your one-stop shop for books and anything educational related.

From the app, you can launch the storybooks in your collection and have the phone or tablet tell your children a story. The stories in the app involve several classic and modern characters such as The Giant Smurf, Madagascar or Robin Hood. If you are not satisfied with the pre-loaded free read-aloud storybooks, you can simply hop on the Google Play Store and purchase other storybooks.

4- Puzzingo

Puzzingo is one of the best free educational games for toddlers. It’s a very straightforward game on Android for kids. It involves dragging and putting objects, numbers or letters to a matching shape. There are six major categories for your kids to enjoy the apps: toys, alphabet, jungle animals, farm animals, the sea, and numbers. Each object and shapes have the appropriate sound effects to help guide your kids toward solving the puzzle, so you never have to worry about them getting stuck on the puzzle.

Pizzingo Puzzle Android Game for Toddlers

So which android app your kids link most out of these? Don’t forget to share your views in comments section.

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