GPS navigation apps are being widely used in foreign countries but in Pakistan their use is not much common. On Google Play Store, you will find bunch of GPS navigation apps. But most of them require internet connection in order to work. There are only few best offline GPS navigation apps that work without internet and Sygic is one of them. It a premium offline navigation app for android and IPhone users that comes up with offline maps of whole world.

Sygic is something special for Pakistani people because it’s one of those few apps that contain offline maps of whole Pakistan.  So if you have a smartphone with GPS support then install Sygic on it and get directions to any place anywhere in the world. The apps come up with dozens of features that comes handy while you are driving. So lets discuss them one by one.

Sygic Pakistan

Sygic GPS Navigation – Features

1- Offline Maps

The app contains maps of more than 111 countries from all over the world that are frequently updated with time. You can download maps to your android phone storage or SD card for offline navigation without internet.

Sygic Map UET Lahore

2- Voice Instructions

Voice navigation is a classy feature that will guide you with voice and make you reach to the destination. You will be properly guided about your route with voice instructions related to turns and distances. Voice instructions can be listened in English or in your local language, depending upon your preference.

3- SOS/Help

The app can automatically track your location on the map and will let you know about your nearest hospital, police station, gas station and pharmacy. This will be helpful in case of  emergency while driving. Exact latitude and longitude of your location can also be tracked with Sygic.

4- Route Planning

Plan your route according to your needs and you can bound the app to avoid toll roads, unpaved roads, highways or ferries etc. From the settings panel, you can also set your preference of route computation. You can set the app to compute the fastest route, shortest route or the most economic route to a particular place.

Sygic Route Options

5- Advance Info about Route

Sygic will also let you know about your real time travelling speed, estimated time of arrival, remaining distance to cover and turn-wise instructions about your route while driving. This information comes handy while you are first time visiting to some new place.

Sygic Navigation Lahore

6- Nearby POI

The app contains millions of points of interests that include institutes, offices, petrol pumps, hospitals, shopping malls, masjids etc. You can instantly get information and navigate to the nearest important places that comes handy when you reach to an unknown area. Such POI’s are categorized so that you can easily find those of your interest.

Sygic Nearest POI

7- Travel Book

This will keep the record of your travelling while the app is running. You can get info about how much distance you traveled today, last week, last month etc. It will also record your travelling time, speed and destinations etc.

Some Notable Premium Addons

SYGIC also offers some premium addons that add extra functionality to the app. You can get these addons from In-app purchases.

1- Premium Speed Cameras

This addon will timely update you about the speed camera coming ahead on the road. This will save you from heavy fines that may be imposed on you if you cross the speed limits while driving.

2- Head-up Display

Sygic is the first navigation app for android that comes up with head-up display feature. Information like travelling speed, speed limits, turn arrows and distances from your phone will be projected on the wind-screen of your car. This feature usually comes handy while travelling at night.

Head Up Display

3- Real-time Traffic Stats

Sygic comes with an addon that keeps you updated about traffic jams and let you know what lies ahead on the road. This will surely help you out to save time and fuel cost. This feature requires an active internet connection in order to work.

Download Sygic for Android

You can download Sygic GPS navigation app free for android from Google play Store for trial use. The app is being widely used on android phones and tablets by millions of people around the world.  You can download sygic free for trial use of 14-days and after that you can purchase it if you like.

The price varies depending upon the country or region for which you want to purchase maps. You can download Sygic Pakistan maps free after making onetime payment of $24.99 while the maps of whole world will cost you $97.99.

You can also download Sygic Pakistan APK file full version from the link given below:

Download Sygic for IPhone

Apple users can also download Sygic for IPhone or Ipad from Apple Itunes. Select the country or region and download full maps of it for offline use.

It would be great if your share your views about Sygic GPS navigation app in comments.

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