In this article we will learn How to send fax from IPhone, IPad or Android smartphones. List of the Best Fax Apps is also here that let you send free fax mails via mobile. Enjoy!

Sending and receiving faxes is not a common practice for individuals. But the people who own a business frequently use to send faxes to other business people and companies. But now smartphones have totally changed the way of communication. Faxes is no doubt a great way of communication between companies. At the same time it will cost you Telephone line and Fax machine charges.

Faxes can now be easily sent and received through smartphones. Here in this article, I have a collection of Best IPhone Apps to Send Free Faxes.  If your Fax machine is out of order and you need to send an urgent fax then these IPhone and android apps might become handy in that situation.

Best Faxing Apps for Iphone/IPad

1- IFax

It is the number of Faxing application that can be used to send fax from Android or IPhone. It allows you to send a customized fax best fax app for Iphone - Ifaxto anyone from anywhere in the world. A customized logo of your company and signature of the sender can be easily added to the Fax cover and that will give it a professional look. There are a number of available themes and cover page templates with different styles that can be easily incorporated to the fax you are going to send. It can import your documents from cloud and also allows you to upload PDF file and send it. Its scanner can be used to scan any document by camera and then makes it ready for sending.

Moreover, It’s a free Iphone app to send and receive faxes instantly.  Those not having a smartphone can install IFax application on Windows 8 or MAC and enjoy sending and receiving fax directly from PC. Download links of IFax for android and IPhone are given below:

2- MaxEmail Fax

MaxEmail is an easy to use iOS faxing app that is available at iTunes. If your got a gadget with high resolution camera then you can use it to capture photos of documents you want to send. The application will automatically optimize and correct it for sending as a Fax. It is also capable of fetching documents from cloud storage.

You will need to create an account at MaxEmail website in order to use this application. A Free 30-days trial is offered for new registrations in which you can send 3 Faxes consisting of maximum 10 pages each. This application is designed for both IPhone and Ipad. You can download it from the links below:

Download MaxEmail For iOS

3- FaxOrama

This is another widely used best Fax app for Android and IPhone devices. You can scan documents via camera or upload them instantly from your mobile storage. It will automatically enhance its quality to the best. Only requirement is that you need to be connected to internet. Alternatively, it allows to send to send documents as PDF attachment via email. You can send 2 free faxes a day consisting of maximum 5 pages each. Other features you can explore after installing FaxOrama on you smartphone.

4- Breezy Print and Fax

This app is from breezy print corporation allows you to print or fax any document directly from android/iOS devices. If your computer has breezy connector software installed then the app will allow you to print documents. It requires a signin via breezy account before you can use it. So, create a free account at breezy website and do all your faxing work via smartphone instantly. The app can also be downloaded from Google Play Store apple itunes store by the links given below;

5- JotNot Fax

Jutnot also turns your IPhone or ipad device into a portable fax machine. It’s a free app for iOS devices that you can use to send fax from IPhone. Open the application, import the PDF document you want to fax and enter the destination number. Finally hit the send button and the document will be sent immediately. This application requires credits that you can buy via In-app purchases. This app is most suitable for small business and can be downloaded free from Itunes.

Download for iPhone/IPad

So thats all about the best fax apps for IPhone, Ipad and Android smartphones. Don’t forget to mention the name of your favourite faxing app in comments below.

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