While surfing online, sometimes we come across websites which can’t be accessed due to our location or IP restrictions. Have you ever noticed this type of problem while browsing websites? This happens usually because the owner of website restricts access of website to only specific IP addresses. Sometimes they also block IP ranges of whole country so that no one from that country can access their website or content.  The other reason can be that your internet connection provider restricts access to specific websites.Similarly  most of the USA based websites are not available in other countries.

In order to access blocked websites, you will need a proxy server that automatically randomize your IP address and will assign a different IP address of another country to you. So, if your IP address is of USA, then you will be able to access websites that are blocked in your country and their access is only limited to US users. For example, YouTube is blocked in Pakistan and now only option for opening YouTube in Pakistan is with proxy. There are also some Google chrome extensions that can help you open YouTube and other blocked websites. Most of the time in colleges, universities and offices etc. internet access is restricted to only specific websites. So, in order to unblock other websites, you can use proxy websites or softwares.

If you do not want to go through installation of softwares then anonymous browsing with proxy websites is the best option for you. So, in this article I am sharing a list of 5 best free Proxy websites of 2013 that will let you surf internet anonymously and securely.


Top 5 Free Proxy Websites of 2013


Free proxy web sites

WebProxy is one of the best proxy website of 2013 that provide you anonymous internet surfing capabilities. It is the quickest and easiest way to access blocked websites from anywhere in the world. First of all, open webproxy.net and enter the URL of any website you want to surf anonymously. It will automatically assign you random IP address of another country and you will be able to access websites without any restriction. It is also capable of URL encryption that adds more security to while you browse different websites.  So, visit WebProxy.net now and start browsing websites anonymously. Access torrent websites, YouTube videos, Social Networks if they are blocked by your internet provider with the help of webproxy free service. Absolutely no registration is requred for using this free proxy website.You can also install their Google Chrome extension by clicking here. This will allow you to visit specific websites automatically with their service.

webproxy.net - Free Proxy service



NewIPNow - Free Online Proxy

This is another useful web proxy website that allows you to hide IP address as well as location while visiting websites. Different tracking tools like Google Analytics, Hitstats etc. are used by webmasters that take record of everyone who visits their website pages. So, by using proxy website like newipnow, you can completely hide your geographical information. By using newipnow, you can also choose any IP address of specific listed countries that should be assigned to you . You can easily get ip-address of United States, France, Netherlands etc using this proxy service.



Unblock YouTube with Proxy

As I already mentioned that YouTube is blocked in Pakistan and the only method to access it in Pakistan is proxy websites. For this purpose, unblockYouTube is one of the famous website for accessing YouTube at restricted locations.  Along with YouTube, you can also unblock any other restricted webpage with the help of this proxy website.


4everproxy - Best Free Proxy Website

This is another widely used best proxy website for secure and instant anonymous browsing. If you school, college or workplace network has some restrictions then you can use 4everproxy website that can automatically bypass any filters that restrict website access. It can easily unblock YouTube, Facebook and other Social network sites and gives you fully secure online browsing experience.



blewpass - Free Anonymous Proxy

Blewpass enables you to bypass internet filters and firewalls that are imposed by your network provider. BlewPass now supports HTML5 video player which also works for mobile browsing.  Blewpass also supports SSL encryption that ensures security while browsing online. You can download videos from YouTube as well as watch them online with the help of blewpass.

So, enjoy your anonymous online web surfing with the help of these proxy websites and have a secure web browsing experience.

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