Let’s face it, everybody knows at least one person in their life for whom cell phone technology doesn’t come easily. If I had to guess, for most of you, that person is someone over the age of sixty. Although I have seen some extremely technologically savvy seniors in my time, we need to understand that they didn’t grow up using cell phones and mobile devices. For many seniors, learning to adapt to cellular technology just will not come easily. This is why I often recommend simple phones with a pretty limited set of features for those who might be struggling to adapt to using mobile devices. Trust me, in most cases they will not be offended that you haven’t offered them the latest smartphone with all the bells and whistles and may actually appreciate that you’ve recognized the need for a simpler device that is easy to learn and use. Here are three mobile phones that I’ve heard from many of my senior friends and family are pretty awesome.

Snapfon Ez One

This phone was specifically designed with seniors in mind. There are virtually no features on this phone other than the ability to make and receive calls. There is no touch screen on the device and virtually no learning curve. You show them how to turn it on and from there, even the least teach-savvy individuals can usually figure out the rest. This phone is also great for those that may understand the technology perfectly fine but simply have no use for the advanced features and plans available on smartphones these days.

snapfon ez one1

Samsung Jitterbug

This is another easy to learn phone for almost anyone. Big buttons and an easily read screen are pluses for the senior crowd as well. For those who are interested, this phone can actually text unlike the Snapfon above, so there might be a little curve for grandma who wants to learn about texting, but trust me, it’s minimal. The Jitterbug also has some Bluetooth connectivity features such as for mobile headsets and the like, but I suspect most users of this device won’t be too concerned with this particular feature.

Samsung Jitterbug J Phone

Doro 410

This phone is extremely easy to learn. Like the Jitterbug, it offers texting services, and Bluetooth for hands free calling as well as speakerphone mode and includes an emergency button that can be configured to call local authorities in the event of an emergency at the push of a single button. It’s a bit smaller than the other phones so it fits into purses and pockets a bit more readily, however it still boasts large buttons and an easily readable screen. A solid choice for seniors who want simplicity melded with at least a few more advanced features.

doro 410 phone

Not everyone can be a technological master. Recognizing this is key to finding a mobile phone that is most suited to these individuals. Many seniors over the age of sixty may also not have a use for the advanced features of the latest smartphones. For these individuals, they may appreciate a cheaper, simpler, more practical alternative. Also, because phones can get damaged, lost, or stolen, a good insurance plan might be a good idea. I recommend you at least get a few insurance quotes first.


Author Bio:

Laura Ginn is a professional writer and blogger. Laura writes about technology on a regular basis and has advised many of her elderly family members on a range of mobile technologies so she understands that not everyone needs the latest and greatest devices!

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