Last year I shared a list of some free proxy websites of 2013. That was a general proxy list and this time I am going to share some good proxy sites for School students. Many times it happens that the school administration restricts internet access to limited websites for certain reasons. In order to browse blocked webpages freely, here I have listed some free proxy websites list for Schools and colleges.

In educational institutions and offices, mostly social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. are blocked. On Facebook, students create and join groups in order to get in touch with classmates and also share notes, assignments, presentations etc.  So for educational purpose,  If you want to unblock Facebook or any other website on your School internet then a proxy website can be helpful for you.  Its recommended that you should take the permission of teachers/administration before using these proxy websites in School.

Quick Trick to Access Blocked Websites

Before trying a proxy website, here is a quick solution to get access to blocked websites in School. Just put https before the website you want to open and most of the time it works. If the website is still blocked then you can use any proxy website from the list below.

Free Proxy Sites for Schools


It is the most recommended free proxy site for Schools that offers anonymous internet browsing while hiding your original IP address. You can use it to access any blocked website. It allows you to surf anonymously for unlimited period of time. Enjoy the most secure ads-free proxy website and have a safe and secure browsing experience.


Atoko is a web proxy server that keeps your identity anonymous while you surf online. It also bypasses restrictions of your internet connection provider and it can be used to unblock Facebook in Schools, colleges and Offices. This proxy website is a part of famous 4everproxy network.


It us yet another free proxy website by which you can get access to any restricted websites in seconds.  It can bypass your school firewall, disallow IP tracking and enable you to browse any of website on internet anonymously. Open in your favourite web browser, type the blocked website address in the relevant box and press the GO button in order to get free access to it.


On YouTube, students can find a good number of educational videos for research and studying. If YouTube is blocked in your area then this is the best proxy site for you to watch YouTube videos online. Apart from YouTube, it can also unblock other sites. I found it working perfectly even if the websites are blocked by proxy server.


Here comes the last but not the least web-based online proxy to unblock restricted sites on School computers. It is a free proxy service that can remove scripts from web pages, disable images loading and also allows cookies storage. You can use it to access Facebook, Orkut, MySpace or any other social website in University.

In comments you can tell me which proxy site works best for you. Cheers!

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