Managing running apps and services has always been a big deal for android users. Most of the apps keep on running in background and consume Ram that slows down the performance of your device.  Background processes also increases battery consumption and one must have a good Task Manger app in order to take care of those running processes. Here you will find the Best Task Manager for Android Apps that will help you to kill the apps running in background.

Before trying any Task Manger app, I will recommend you to uninstall the apps you don’t use anymore. This will surely improve the performance of your mobile as well as battery timing. So if you are done with these steps then have a look at the Best Android Task Manager apps.

Top 5 Task Mangers for Android Apps

android task manager apps

Advanced Task Manager – Killer

The No.1 task manager applications available at Google play Store till now is none other than Advanced task manager. The app became much popular among android users due to its advanced manager and tasks killing feature. The app has been developed by INFOLIFE LLC and got 4.6 rating out of 5. The app is fully capable of killing all kinds of background running processes including apps and games. Auto task killer feature is an amazing one that automatically stops the specific process each time your screen lights turn off. Task killer widget can also be placed on home screens for instant task killing.


Advaned Task Killer by Rechild

This is another best task killer app for android devices developed by Rechild. Its advanced features allow you to fully control the running apps and services on your phone.  Use the one tap widget on home screen for easy task killing. Auto kill feature is also there that makes the process of app killing automatic and leaves nothing to do on your side. Ignore list becomes handy when you don’t want some apps or processes to be killed automatically.  The free version of this app contains advertisements and you can go for a premium one if you want to get rid of ads.


GO Cleaner & Task Manager

Go cleaner and Task manager for android is a productive app that every android user must have installed on his device. As the name depicts, the app has been released by the famous GO developers team. You might have heard the name of GO launchers that is the most popular free android launcher. The app home screen will list all running apps and services while indicating the number of active processes. One click to kill active tasks will boost your device performance while clearing the extra RAM being used by the background running apps.


ES Task Manager (Task Killer)

This Android task manager app is again from one of the most popular developer team named ES app group. They have also released other useful apps for android including ES file explorer and ES themes. After installing this app on your android smartphone, you will be able to clear cache and RAM from useless background running services. ES Task Manager will also help you to save battery while increasing its life. The app has been downloaded by more than 10 million android users and got 4.4/5 ratings on Google play Store.


Watchdog Task Manager Lite

Watchdog Task Manger is somewhat different app from others in our list. It monitors the running apps and processes and notifies you once any application misbehaves or consumes extra CPU resources. This will prevent you from killing essential background processes that automatically get restarted once you kill them. So now you will be killing only those apps that are actually to be killed manually and are consuming RAM and CPU resources.


So, these are the 5 Best Task Mangers for Android Apps.  Let me know about your favorite task manger in comments.

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