In 2013, Android mobiles are something more than phones. If we look into the past, mobile phones were used for the basic purpose of calling and text messaging.  Nowadays, a lot of useful android apps are available with us. Latest android apps have also replaced old system of messaging so called as SMS. By using Text messaging apps on your android phone, you can send unlimited text messages to your friends and family.  You will only need a Wi-Fi connection or mobile internet can also serve you.  Different free Text messaging Apps are available for android phones. So, selection of best text messaging apps can for your android phone can become a big deal for you. So, I have created a list of Top 5 Text Messaging Apps.

Along with android phones these text messaging apps also available for other platforms including Symbian, IPhones, Windows and Blackberry Phones.


whatsapp - Free Text Messaging App

whatsapp – Free Text Messaging App

The best text Messaging app in 2013 is none other than WhatsApp. Using this application, you can send unlimited free text messages from your Smart Phone. Now, Whats app is available for every mobile platform including Symbian (Nokia Mobiles), Androids, IPhones, Blackberry and Windows Phones. Along with text messaging you can share photos, videos and audio messages with your friends.

For more information and download links of WhatsApp, click here

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Android Application

Facebook Messenger Android Application

According to latest reports, there are 1.11 billion people using Facebook each month.  With the growing number of Facebook users, Facebook messenger is now available as a free text messaging application. If you are a Facebook user, you must install Facebook messenger application on your mobile phone. All you Facebook chats and instant messages can be accessed easily using Facebook messenger app.

Facebook messenger application is now available free for Android phones, IPhones and BlackBerrys.


Viber - Free Text Messaging Apps

Viber – Free Text Messaging Apps

Viber is another great name among free text messaging services of 2013. Along with messaging, you can also make free calls to your friends and family anywhere is the world. Good thing about viber is that you can install it directly on your Windows PC or MAC. It will only require you Mobile phone number and automatically sync your contacts and messages between your PC and mobile phone. Viber app is available free to download for Androids, IPhones, Blackberry, Windows Phones, and Symbian Phones.


IMO - Free Text Messaging Android App

IMO – Free Text Messaging Android App

IMO is one of the leading text messaging apps for android phones.  There is need to create a new account for IMO. Login directly through your Facebook, Google, MSN or Yahoo account   and connect with your friends and family instantly. Just like Facebook, IMO also has a broadcast network where you can get latest news and updates related to your interests. Free video and voice calling, photo sharing, group chatting are worth mentioning features of IMO app.

Download IMO android app from Google Play store.  IMO is also available for IPhones and ipads.

KaKao Talk

Kakao Talk - Fee Text Messaging App

Kakao Talk – Fee Text Messaging App

Another Free text messaging application that lets you send unlimited free text messages anywhere is the world. The best feature of kakao Talk is that you can make Group calls. Also different voice filters like Talking Tom can also be used for fun. Again no need to signup, just by providing your Phone number, you can access Kako Talk. Privacy protection feature is also a good one that allows you to set password for accessing Kakao Talk.

Kakao Talk is available for iPhones, Windows Phones, Androids, Blackberry and Bada.

Not having Android Phone?

If you do not have android Phone, still you can use all these text messaging apps on your PC. Read more about Running Android Apps on PC.

So, its now your turn to check and install these text messaging apps on your smart phone. 🙂

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