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Convert a Scanned JPEG File into an Editable Word Document

It’s amazing that recent computer technologies allow us to convert images into editable documents. With the help of OCR technology, now we can transform images to editable documents so that we can make the changes required. You can find a bunch of OCR software online offering you

Lock Your USB Drive and Protect Your Data

One of the hot topics in today’s modern technology world is password protection. Since majority of individuals use the internet every single day for work and personal use, the more reason it is to shed light on the importance of data security. Millions and millions of people

Is Your Wifi Keeps on Disconnecting? Fix it Right Now

Wifi connectivity problems are much common among internet users and many times it happens that when we try connecting to some wireless network then the Wifi keeps on disconnecting frequently. If you are one of those guys facing this Wifi connectivity problem, then this article will help

3 Methods to Access Startup Folder in Windows 8

Worried about where Startup folder is located in Windows 8? This article guides you to find startup folder in Windows 7, 8, 8.1. Learn How to manage Startup programs in Windows 8 that are launched automatically when the system starts.

5 Amazing and Cool Notepad Tricks for Windows

Today I am going to share some Cool Notepad tricks that you can perform on your computer. If you have a computer running windows 7,8,vista or Windows XP then you can perform these interesting notepad tricks on your PC. Apart from creating and storing simple text documents

How to Remove Shortcuts Virus from USB Pen drive/PC?

The virus that automatically creates shortcuts in USB pen drive is much common these days. First it hides all the data present on flash drive and then creates shortcuts of all files. Apparently it looks like the original data has been eaten up by the virus but

How to Write URDU using ENGLISH Keyboard in Windows?

Do you want to write in URDU using your default English (QWERTY) keyboard? If yes then follow the simple guide and try writing in your native language using English keyboard. Use of proper Language has a great impact on level of understanding of people. A message conveyed

USB Device Not Recognized? Some Quick Fixes For Windows

Are you tired of getting error of USB device not recognized again & again? If yes then today I am going to share some solutions of this USB device not recognized Error in Windows XP, 7 and Windows 8. Normally when we attach USB flash drive /