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SEMrush Review – How Bloggers Should Use SEMRush?

SEMRush is one of the best online tools that helped me to grow my blog traffic. SEMrush helps me out to get new post ideas whenever I feel shortage. I also analyze rankings of my articles in Google Search Results with it. Although there are many other

How to Do Keyword research with Adwords keyword Planner Tool

Selection of good keywords has a great importance for bloggers and it also impacts the on-page SEO of content. In order to select best focus keywords, you will have to do a keyword research. If you are good in keyword research and their placement then it will

How to Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term that is most commonly used by bloggers. New people are entering to blogosphere every day and most of them want to learn Search Engine Optimization. I have seen many people writing on SEO topics without having prior knowledge of Search

5 Ways to Increase Google Search Traffic of Website

Getting more traffic is the primary aim of every blogger or website owner. For new websites, the task of getting initial traffic some times becomes a big challenge.  Importance of Google search traffic i.e. (organic) can never be underestimated for new blogs and well established blogs. All

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin of 2013 !

WordPress is taking over other blogging platforms in 2013. Might be the reason is that WordPress provides complete SEO solution for bloggers. Dozens of WordPress seo plugins are available these days. The best WordPress SEO plugins include: WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast All in One SEO Pack

How Google Plus helped me to increase Search Traffic

Round about one and a half year ago, Google launched its own Social Network known as Google plus. Google+ has strengthen its roots and gained a lot of popularity among the internet users. Due to its user friendly interface and easy use, Google plus gained much popularity

5 Unique ways to get Targeted Traffic to New Blogs

There are many new people entering in the blogosphere, creating new blogs and working their best to get better position in the blogosphere than others. So, competition is the blogging industry is increasing day by day. There are dozens of blogs available on different niches with quality

Get 5 backlinks from High Authority websites | Blogging Tips

Backlinks or link building is the most popular and common technique used to increase the authority of webpages. Websites with more quality backlinks from high authority sites will lead to higher page rank and better alexa ranking. This will also improve the ranking of your website in Search Engine