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3 Methods to Access Startup Folder in Windows 8

Worried about where Startup folder is located in Windows 8? This article guides you to find startup folder in Windows 7, 8, 8.1. Learn How to manage Startup programs in Windows 8 that are launched automatically when the system starts.

How to Write URDU using ENGLISH Keyboard in Windows?

Do you want to write in URDU using your default English (QWERTY) keyboard? If yes then follow the simple guide and try writing in your native language using English keyboard. Use of proper Language has a great impact on level of understanding of people. A message conveyed

USB Device Not Recognized? Some Quick Fixes For Windows

Are you tired of getting error of USB device not recognized again & again? If yes then today I am going to share some solutions of this USB device not recognized Error in Windows XP, 7 and Windows 8. Normally when we attach USB flash drive /

25+ Best Windows 8 Themes with Inspiring Visual Styles

Microsoft releases new versions of Windows time to time with more improvements & better functionalities. Windows 8 that was released back in 2012 became much popular these days. And the newer version (Windows 8.1) with more extra features is being used commonly. Although Windows 7 & 8

25+ HD Windows 8 Wallpapers for Desktop

Have you installed latest Windows 8 and need some Cool Windows 8 wallpapers with High definition quality? The official Windows 8 wallpapers are not much attractive and they are very simple. Today I have a collection of 25+ HD Windows 8 wallpapers for you guys. Windows 8