WordPress is my favourite CMS and I love to create new websites and blogs using WordPress. The reason is that WordPress can be easily tweaked and customized according to my needs. This time I am here with some WordPress tweaks that let you Change WordPress admin login URL and set it to custom one. In this article I will also tell you how you can change the default admin username in WordPress and also how to change user ID in WordPress.

Why You Should Change WordPress admin URL, Username and ID?

If we talk about WordPress security then let me tell you that it is much secure unless you install malicious themes or plugins. Sometimes hackers try methods like backtrack to guess WordPress admin passwords and due to this reason it is very important to remove the default (wp-login.php or wp-admin) URL and set it to custom one.

It is preferred that your WordPress admin username should not be admin in order to avoid hacks and security issues. If we install WordPress on a new server then by default WordPress suggest the username as admin and it can be changed. If you didn’t changed it that time then WordPress will not allow you to modify admin URL from the dashboard. For this, a simple tweak is here that will let you set custom username for WordPress login.

WordPress assigns unique user ID to each person who registers at a WordPress based website. Since the first user account of every WordPress site is that of administrator, therefore it gets a user ID 1. Hackers can attempt to access your admin dashboard by executing different queries while targeting the user ID no.1. So, it is always preferable that the ID of your WordPress admin account should never be 1.

How to Change WordPress Admin Login URL, Username and ID?

We are adopting all these security measures to protect our website from hacking attempts. So, a simple security plugin for WordPress can do all this for us. We will be using Better WP Security plugin for changing WordPress login URL. It will also allow you to change the default admin username and ID.


Change WordPress admin Username and ID

  1. Login to your Admin Dashboard and Install Better WP Security plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin and move on to its settings page.
  3. Take a backup of your database from Plugin settings page (optional).
  4. Click on the tab labelled as USER.
  5. Enter your new desired username in the box and click on button below it.
  6. Login again into your WordPress Admin Dashboard with new username.

WordPress Username Change

On the same page you will find a button to change the User ID 1 in WordPress. Simple click on it and the plugin will automatically assign a different user ID to your account.

Change Admin Login URL in WordPress

Using Better WP Security plugin you can easily change the default admin login URL in WordPress. If you have already installed it then proceed further by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the settings page of better WP Security Plugin.
  2. Click on the tab labelled ‘Hide’.
  3. Check mark the box to enable custom URL for login and register pages.
  4. Enter unique slugs for login, register and admin login pages.
  5. Click on save changes button.

WordPress Change Login URL

Apart from these three basic security measures, the plugin also allows you to limit login attempts in WordPress, take database backups by email, Change database table prefix, Ban Hosts, IP addresses and user-agents from accessing your website.

Now it’s your turn to explore the plugin and make your WordPress blog more secure than ever. Happy Blogging!

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