Chess, the game of kings is also available these days on android smartphones & tablets. It is the best strategy game that you can either play with friends or with computer. If you are also fond of playing chess with friends then here in this article you will find the best multiplayer chess for android phones/tablets. On Google Play Store you will find dozens of chess games with different features. Only some of those come up with multiplayer functionality while rest of them only allows you to play with computer. Below I am going to share two best chess apps for android and both of them supports multiplayer gaming on your phone. So Here we go:

 Chess With Friends for Android/iOS

Chess with Friends is a popular multiplayer android chess game that allows you to challenge your friends and family on Facebook Chess With Friends for Androidand show them that you are the real chess master. The game has been developed by the famous company Zynga. In practice mode you can test your skills by playing the game with computer. There are different difficulty levels available for you. Starting from the beginner’s level, you can keep on practicing & become an expert chess master with Chess with friends free game for android.

The game keeps a record of all win, lose and draw stats and at the same time it keeps a track of all your moves in a particular game. This will help you out to improve your game by avoiding the mistakes you did earlier. Beauty of this game is that it’s a cross platform supported application. So you can play it across android to android and even android – iOS devices by installing Chess with friends on both devices.

Find the free APK download link given below and enjoy playing this best mind game on your android phone.

Play Chess Multiplayer via Wifi Bluetooth

Most of the chess apps for android come up with multiplayer option. But only few of them allow you to play it in a networking Chess Multiplayer Android Gamemode. It seems a bit difficult for two persons to play game on the same device.  Here I came up with the best chess app that allows you to play chess with friends via Wifi or Bluetooth connection. You just need to connect the two devices via Bluetooth or Wifi and install the same app on both the devices.  Now open the app on both of devices and one player will host the game while the other will join it from the network option in the game.

This one app contains more than 38000 chess puzzles that are categorized in 13 collections. So now you can test your skills while solving those puzzles. There are 10 different difficulty levels from novice to grandmaster. Anytime you can load or save games in PGN file format. This is indeed the best chess app I ever tried and its equipped with dozens of other features that you can test by installing it on your android phone / tablet.

Below you can find the free APK download link as well as Google Play Store download link for this multiplayer chess game.

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