Another Facebook tweak I am going to discuss today is Converting your personal Facebook Account into Fan Page.  Yes, it’s an amazing trick of which many Facebook users are not aware of. Actually it is recommended for those Facebook users having a lot of friends and followers. Once you convert your Facebook account into business page, all of your Friends and followers will be converted to page likes. Your profile picture will be become the display picture of your Page and your account’s username will become the username of your Fan Page. All other data associated with your Facebook account will be deleted permanently including Photos, Videos, and Notes etc.

Why to Convert Facebook Account into Fan Page?

Actually, it’s a violation of Facebook terms of service to use personal Facebook account for fulfilling Business needs. If you have created a Facebook account to promote your business, products or something like this then you are violating Facebook terms of use. Also, if you are a public figure, you can convert your Facebook account right now to Facebook Page. You will still be able to login at Facebook with same account details but you will then only see Pages created with that account, Pages you can manage and your newly converted Fan Page.

Also, an individual Facebook user cannot have more than 5000 friends and if you have reached this limit then you can convert your Facebook account into Fan Page.  You will also be able to see important details related to your fans including gender, geographic details, people talking about, views count of individual posts etc. Promotional/advertising tools are also available to Facebook business pages and by using those tools; you can target fans and expand your business.

Tasks to do before Facebook Account Conversion

Here are some necessary tasks which should be done before converting your Facebook account into Facebook Fan Page.

  • Download a backup of all your Facebook data.
  • If you are admin of any Group on Facebook then appoint a new admin.
  • Change your Account name if necessary.


How to Convert Facebook Account into Fan Page?


After taking backup of all your Facebook data, you can proceed further for conversion process. Click here to migrate your Facebook account. After that, select the category relevant to your page and set an appropriate Page name. Follow the simple steps further and you inform all your fans about your official brand page. 🙂

Reverting Back to Facebook Profile, Possible or not?


If you have accidently migrated your Facebook account to business page and want your old Facebook personal account then click here to fill the appeal form and submit it. It is totally up to Facebook that whether they restore your account or not and if you luckily get back your personal account then obviously your Facebook Fan Page will be deleted.


If you have converted your Facebook Account into a Fan Page then do let us know in the comments. Feel free to share your problems below.

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