Are you an iPhone user getting bored of your current background wallpaper or theme? Or looking for some beautiful and artistic background images for IPhone? If that is the case then here we have a collection of best Chevron IPhone Wallpapers 2014 that you can free download.

Recently I have shared some Funny IPhone backgrounds 2014 that were much liked by our readers. Apart from traditional wallpapers, Chevron themed backgrounds for IPhone are also getting much popular among iOS users. Usually the wallpapers with some specific pattern with a single or colorful combination are known as chevron wallpapers.

While searching over the internet, you will find thousands of chevron wallpapers with stripes and artistic patterns. Our this collection of IPhone wallpapers consists of some handpicked chevron backgrounds with unique patterns and colorful backgrounds. The dimensions of all these images are specifically according to mobile screen sizes. So these can be used as background image of IPhone as well as Android and Windows Phones.

All the images in this collection will fit best as a background of your IPhone and will give it a new modern look. You can also use them as a Home Screen or Lock screen background image.

So lets move towards our final collection of Chevron IPhone wallpapers 2014.

Chevron IPhone Wallpapers 2014

1-This is a single color, simple yet attractive chevron styled background specifically designed for people who love simplicity.

Blue Chevron Cool Wallpaper 1

2- This is an amazing zigzag style wallpaper that can give your cellphone a modern look.

Chevron Black Blue IPhone Wallpaper 2

3- Just like the first one, this is another simple background with a dotted pattern overlay.

Chrevron Style Wallpaper for IPhone 3

4- This one is a stylish chevron background that looks much attractive with its dark and light blue color contrast.

Blue Chevron Background for IPhone 4

5- Red and Black is no doubt a great color combination and if you love that then here is a special wallpaper of this kind.

Red Chevron Background for IPhone 5

6- Here comes another simple and light coloured background for IPhone.

Wallpaper Chevron for IPhone 6

7- This one is cool & light green colored girlish IPhone wallpaper that will give your cellphone a catchy look.

HD Chevron Background Wallpaper 7

8- Here is a modern three colored chevron style background for Android & IPhone.

Cool Chevron Background Image 8

9- Again here comes single colored parrot green chevron wallpaper that depicts simplicity with an amazing style.

Simple Green Chevron Wallpaper 9

10- Another chocolate color stylish zigzag background image that fits best for IPhone4, 4S screen resolutions.

IphoneChevronChocolate 10

11- This one is a goldish style dark background for IPhone home screen.

Printable Chevron Background 11

12- The last Chevron IPhone wallpaper in our collection is an artistic one with a cool color combination. This one is another girlish IPhone wallpaper.

Brittney Background Wallpaper Chevron Style 12


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