Logo designing using Photoshop is a nothing in front of a graphic designer. But if someone is not well aware of Adobe Photoshop and other Graphic designing softwares then it would look like a tough job. With the passage of time everything is becoming easier. Now you can create stylish text logos online within seconds. There are different online websites that allow you to make text logo and download those in different file format. You may also design text graphics for website using free online tools.

Today I have selected a cool text logo generator website that will ease up your text logo making task. Some people like to include symbolic images in logos. So, after generating a custom text logo using online tool you may also further edit it using Photoshop.

Cool text generator is a free text logo maker that allows you to create text images online. Even if you are nil in graphic designing you can still create a free text logo. Further there is no need to spend money for logo making as it is a free tool.

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Cool Text Art - Micky Mouse

Cool Text Art – Micky Mouse

Cool Text Logo Maker

Cool Text logo Maker

Now come towards some features of Cool Text Generator. Basically this tool is for online text logo making. There are 100+ logo styles available. Some are animated, some are plain and 3D text logos are also available at cooltext website. You may also choose any custom logo font. There are hundreds of different font styles for logos and all are free. You can apply these fonts directly to your logos or download to your computer.

How to Create a Text Logo

Creation of custom text logo neither requires any skill. First visit website cooltext.com and select your favorite logo design. After that enter your custom text for the logo and it will auto-generate preview of your logo. You can customize it by choosing your favorite font style and size from the list.

Cool Text Logo Generator

Some Cool Text Logo Styles

Following logo customizations options are available with cool text generator.

  1. Font Style
  2. Text Gradient, Pattern, Size
  3. Outline gradient, Pattern, Thickness
  4. Overlay Pattern
  5. Shadows (Opacity, Color, offsets)
  6. Image Size Adjustments
  7. File Formats (.png, jpeg, gif, psd)

After customizing your logo according to requirements, press the Create logo button and it will render your image. You can directly download it, Email it or continue further editing.

You may also save your rendered logos to their server by creating an account on cooltext website.


Create Stylish Buttons using CoolText

Cool Text Button Designs

Some Cool Text Button Designs

Along with text logo making, you can also generate cool buttons for your website. Further these buttons are also modifiable and you can add cool effects and styles. Select custom Button shapes; fill color, outline, font styles etc. from the number of available options.


Other Text Logo Maker Websites

There are some other online websites similar to cooltext that offer similar services. I am not well aware of other websites as I only use cool text. You can also give try to other websites if you like. Some popular text logo maker sites include textanim.com, glowtxt.com etc.

Final Words

Cool text is the best tool for online text logo making. Now it’s your turn to generate a cool text logo for your websites. If you like cooltext generator tool then free to share this article with your friends.

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