In the year 2013, Android phones with new technologies are very common and people just love android due to millions of apps available free of cost. Android phones are actually more than a cell phone. Different cool android apps are available free of cost over the internet and i have also shared top 10 android apps in my previous post. Remember that you can also run android apps on PC. Have you thought about creating your own android application? It looks like a tough job to create an android app but the method i am going to share with my audience is very simple. It will hardly took 5 minutes to create android apps for any website.

Why to create android apps for websites?

Android phones are much common in 2013 and millions of people use their phones to surf internet. So,  For bloggers and website owners, its important to have a cool android app for their blog or website. This will help them to get more traffic as well as it will facilitate readers to access your websites easily without even opening their mobile web browsers.

You can also create android apps for your favorite websites  in order to get updates instantly and directly on your android devices.

How to Create android apps for websites?

The procedure for creation of android application is pretty simple. With the help of  website named appsgeyser, you create your android app within minutes. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the website appsgeyser and create an account.
  2.  Click here and Fill out the form by putting website/blog URL and description.
  3. Choose an icon for your android application or you can use the default one.
  4. Select the orientation required for your app to work. I will suggest you to to select Auto orientation.
  5. Choose the category that best suits to your website/blog.
  6. Hit the preview button in order to have a preview of your newly created android app on phones.
  7. Finally, click on Create App button.


Create android apps for websites

Download the .apk file of your android app directly from appsgeyser from direct link or using QR code. All android apps created through appsgeyser are automatically uploaded to their servers and a custom download link is also provided. You can publish apps on Google Playstore by clicking here.

You can edit your created applications anytime by logging into your dashboard. Keep a track of downloads, installs and uninstalls of all your android apps directly from appsgeyser dashboard.

Apart from creating android apps for blogs, you may also create apps for HTML pages or for YouTube channels.

AppsGeyser Android

Android Apps for Web Pages

In order to create android application for HTML pages, click here and put your HTML code directly or create your custom page using the editor available there. Select a name for your android application and provide a description. Finally click on create app button and enjoy using your android apps.

Android Apps for YouTube Channels

Click here to create android app for YouTube channels. Fill out all the required information there and have a cool application of your YouTube channel for android phones.


Monetize Your Android Apps

Another interesting thing is that you can make money with your android apps. AdMob and Inner active are their recommended monetizing networks. You can also choose your own Ad Network. Click here to apply for Appsgeyser Revenue Program and start earning from your android apps.Remember that there should be minimum 100 installs in order to start monetizing your apps.

AR Web Zone’s Android Application Download

As i have also created android application for my blog, so you can download it by clicking the button below. I will recommend you to install it on your android phone and never miss our updates and new articles.



You can watch the video tutorial below:



Start creating your first android application and share your experience with us in the comments. 🙂

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