Facebook is the most popular social network these days with billions of active members. With its immense popularity, Facebook is generating billions of dollars revenue on annual basis. Have you ever thought of creating your own Social network website just like Facebook? If you are a Facebook lover and want to create a website like Facebook then this tutorial will help you in this regard.

The question might come in your mind that why should you create your own Facebook like website? There can be many reasons; like I am a Civil Engineering student from UET Lahore and I can make a Facebook like social network for my university where I can invite my friends and colleagues. In simple words, I can provide them a better platform where they can interact with each other. Similarly, other person can create his social network website for the people with belonging to specific profession. You may also make a Facebook like website by targeting people of your country and then you can install local language add-on in order to facilitate your users.

Furthermore you can also monetize your social network website and start earning cash from it. So, now we should move forward to the procedure of creating a website like Facebook with PHPFOX script. Read: How to Convert Facebook Account to FanPage

Start Your Own Social Network Website with PHPFOX

We will be using PHPFOX social network script in order to create a social website like Facebook. It is an easy to use and fully customizable social network script with a number of free addons and plugins. Basically PHPfox comes up with all the features that a social network website must have and I was really amazed by its working. Following are some worth mentioning features of phpfox social networking script.

  • 3rd party developers can create apps just like Facebook.
  • Users can create pages and groups.
  • Activity Feed (Like news feed in Facebook)
  • User Friendly Mobile Interface
  • User privacy options
  • Easy monetization with ads and Subscriptions
  • Themes, plugins and addons
  • Photos, Videos, Music etc.
  • Forums, Blogs and complete CMS
  • Ajax Search and Browsing
  • Multilingual
  • And many more..

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How to install phpfox on Server?

  1. First of all place an order at PHPFOX to get you licensed copy of this amazing Social network script.
  2. Now you will need a webhosting where you will have to upload the files of this script via FTP.If you don’t have a webhosting account then I will recommend you to go for Hostgator webhosting and avail a discount up to 25% by using coupon code ARWEBZONE25.
  3. Upload all files(present in upload folder) to your server via FTP and create a new database.
  4. Add a user to your database with full privileges and access http://yourdomain.com/install in any web browser. Here the script will automatically check whether your web hosting server complies with minimum requirements for script installation or not.
  5. In the next step, you will need to input the database and user information and then proceed further.
  6. Finally create an admin profile by providing your own email address and other information.
  7. Submit it and you are done.

So, now your own Facebook like social network website is ready. Login to your account and you will be able to fully mange your social network website.


Following are the server requirements for the smooth working of phpfox script.

  • Nginx , Apache, FastCGI ,IIS, CGI, or ISAPI – Web Server.
  • Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows or Mac – Operating System.
  • 15 Mb Minimum web space.
  • PHP Version should be Minimum  5+
  • MySQL Version should be Minimum  4.1
  • PHP memory limit – 64M

Get PHPFox Script Now

PHPFox is a premium script and they offer three different packages including Lite, Network and Community plan. You can choose the one that suits best to you. Along with the script, you will also get free 30 days support and free upgrades of scripts up to 6 months. You will also be able to access all their free addons and themes after purchasing the script.



So that’s all about creating a Facebook like social website with phpfox. If you have any questions then feel free to comment below.

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