Google chrome is not doubt a great web browser for desktop as well as mobile devices. It is the fastest browser available these days. It’s Fast loading speed, Google Account Integration and productive chrome extensions made it the No.1 browser of 2013. The default interface of chrome is somewhat simple yet it looks amazing. There are hundreds of stylish chrome themes available at their webstore that you can use to Customize Google chrome. You can download unlimited themes with different styles and color schemes totally free of cost.

A wide range of customized themes are readily available. For any reason, if you don’t like the default chrome theme and want to create a customized Google chrome theme then this article will help you in this regard. You can choose you custom color combination for the menus and navigation. Also the background of chrome theme can also be customized without any coding knowledge. So, lets move further to the theme customization procedure.

Customize Google Chrome Themes Colors and Background

You can customize any chrome theme by choosing your favorite color combination and background images. No coding skills are required for this guide. A person with basic knowledge of using computer can easily make a customized theme by using Google chrome theme creator extension.  Create unlimited themes totally free of cost and share them with your friends instantly so that they can also enjoy it.

Follow the simple steps as mentioned below and make your chrome browser fully customized.

  • Download and Install My Chrome Theme Extension in your Browser.
  • Launch the extension and click on Start Making Theme button.
  • Upload your Custom Background Image or capture new photo using Webcam.
  • Background Image Chrome Theme
  • Adjust background image position and add Image effects to it (optional).
  • Chrome Image Effects
  • Click on button labeled Continue to Step 2.
  • Select your favorite colors for frame, toolbar and background tab.
  • Custom Colors For Chrome Theme
  • Click on button labeled Continue to Step 3.
  • Give a proper name to your theme and add a short description..
  • Name and description of Chrome Theme
  • Click on button labeled Make My Theme.
  • Your Theme is Ready, install it in your browser in order to test it.
  • Customized Chrome Theme Created

Click on share theme button and let your friends know about it.Your chrome theme will be automatically published at the developers website from where anyone can download and install it. You can create unlimited themes for Google chrome with the help of this great extension. The theme which i have created in this tutorial can be found here.

How to Revert Back to the Default Chrome Theme?

Anytime you can uninstall your custom theme for Google chrome. Move to the chrome settings panel by clicking on the options panel. Under appearance settings, click on reset to default theme button.

Set Default Google Chrome Theme


How To Customize New Tab Page in Chrome?

Another great customization that you can make in your default chrome browser is the modification of New tab page. When we open a new tab in Google chrome, by default it shows Google Search bar with thumbnails of recently viewed websites. You can easily transform in to the thumbnails of your favorite  websites with the help of Speed Dial Extension for chrome. One you install this  extension in your browser, it will automatically replace your default new tab page with a simple page containing links with snapshot of your favorite websites, Google Search bar and bookmark bar.

The settings panel of this extension allows you to change the background color or image of the new tab template. You may also modify the number of thumbnails to be shown on the page. This extensions comes up with some default themes that you can check from the settings panel. One can also set custom URL and image to be shown in the each thumbnail once you open a new tab. Here is a screenshot that shows how my New tab page looks like after i installed Speed dial extension.

Custom Thumbnails Chrome

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