Installation of antivirus can never be a problem but removal of antivirus programs can become a big deal for you. If your antivirus is crashed and is not working properly then you should use antivirus removal tool. Antivirus companies release their removal tools for proper and complete uninstallation of their products.  AVG removal tool is now available to install AVG antivirus without hassles. Today I am going to discuss use of AVG removal tool and you can download it fee from here.

AVG Removal Tool

AVG Removal Tool

AVG antivirus removal tool is basically command line software and it doesn’t have a proper user interface. You will be required to open the executable file and it will automatically remove AVG antivirus from your PC. During completion of uninstall process, it will restart your PC automatically. So, you must save your opened files and programs before running this utility.

Why to Use AVG removal Tool

AVG antivirus has a great name among best antivirus softwares of 2013.  But if your antivirus is not working properly then you may want to remove it and install again or if you are going to try another antivirus then again it is required to uninstall the current one.  You can uninstall AVG antivirus using Install/Uninstall programs panel in Windows. Still you will see some AVG files including registry keys, settings files, Virus Vaults and other data files after uninstallation. So, it is required to use AVG removal tool for complete removal of AVG antivirus.

If your computer is infected with a lot of viruses then those can also damage your antivirus. So, you will not be able to uninstall AVG directly and use of AVG removal tool will be must in that case.

Download AVG Removal Tool 2013

AVG removal tool is available free to download at official AVG website. You can download it for 32-bit or 64-bit windows. You will also find some other useful tools at download store of AVG.

Download AVG Removal Tool

So, now it’s your turn to download this tool and uninstall AVG antivirus completely from your Computer. If you face any problem while working with this tool then you can discuss it in comments.

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