People use torrents to download larges files like movies, games, softwares etc. from internet. There are different free torrents clients available these days. Utorrent and bit torrent are the two great names among the popular torrent download clients. I have already shared a trick to download torrent files with IDM. Today, I am going to share a trick that will let you download torrents on android tablets and phones.

So, forget about your PC and just download torrent files on all types of android devices with the helpful of these torrent clients for android. If you use mobile internet to download torrents on mobile then it will cost you a lot. So, It is recommended that you should use Wi-Fi connection for downloading torrents on android devices.

How to Download Torrents on Android Tablets/Phones




UTorrent Beta – Android Torrent Application

UTorrent is one of the best torrent clients of 2013. With its immense popularity, they have also released their android application. Whether you have an android phone or a tablet, you can easily download torrents on it with the help of uTorrent application for android.  It allows you to find and download latest torrents directly to your smartphone. It is a fully capable android torrent client that allows you to manage torrents seeding, downloading, download limit, upload limit, subscriptions etc.

Utorrent android app

utorrent application android

Android utorrent


You can install uTorrent android application from Google Play Store by clicking the button below:

Download UTorrent Android


BitTorrent Beta – Android Torrent Client

Bit torrent is another great name among the best torrent clients for desktop. Now bitTorrent android application (beta) is also available for you that will allow you to download torrents on Android tablets and smartphones. BitTorrent android application comes up with all the great features any torrent client must have. You can fully manage your active torrents as well as you can manage your torrent subscriptions updates using their android app. There are absolutely no download limits, no size limits and no speed limits. After all, it is a free torrent client that makes bitTorrent android application as the best mobile torrent client.

Bittorrent android client

Bittorrent featured content

Bittorrent settings

Download BitTorrent android client from Google play store by clicking the button below:

Download BitTorrent Android


So, these are the 2 best  android applications that allow you to download torrents on android tablets and phones. There are number of other handy android torrent clients available at Google Play Store. These include aTorrent, tTorrent, aDownloader etc. You may also give a try to them and share your experience with us in comments.

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