WordPress is used these days for creating websites on different types of niche and people are just loving it due to its user friendly interface, easy installation, customization e.t.c. Another major reason for wordpress being popular these days is the number of wordpress plugins available which makes wordpress customization more easy for newbies. Designers and developers are also releasing new wordpress themes on daily basis and the leading wordpress theme provides include theme forest, elegant themes, theme junkie e.t.c. Majority of the themes which are neat, eye catching and unique features are paid and people mostly search for free themes. So, today i am going to share a free wordpress theme with you which is best for starting a gaming website.

In fact WP Durus is a premium theme from wpsam but you are allowed to use it free with the designer’s link in the footer. The free version has been removed from the official website that is why i am going to share this theme here.

Durus Flash Game Theme

What Comes up with WP Durus Theme?

The whole package will include

  • Fully coded theme.
  • PSD files.
  • Post Rating Plugin.
  • Post Views Plugin.

Post Rating and Post Views Plugins

The plugins i have mentioned above are recommended for gaming websites. You may noticed that majority of online gaming websites allows visitors to rate their games and the post views counting plugin will show the number of times each individual game is played on the basis of its popularity it will also sort our top games from your database.

How to Add New Games To Your Website?

The method is so simple. After Installation of theme, You will need swf file of the game you are going to add to your website. If you have your own flash games then its better otherwise you can use freely available flash games links online. First of all find a good online flash gaming website and select a game which you want to add to your website and click on it. Now right click at the side of web page and click on the option labeled view source. It will show you complete source code of the webpage. Press Ctrl+F and search for .swf. Maybe you will find more than 1 swf files embedded there but you have to copy the link of one which is your required game. Just copy paste the link in your browser and you will be able to play the game directly.

View Source Code of Page           View Source Code

Now create a new post in your site’s dashboard and write a brief description on How to play that game in the content. Below the content box you will find 2 text boxes. Place the copied link of flash game in the above box. Next you have to find an image related to the game and paste its link in the 2nd box.,Add tags to your game and select a relevant category. Finally click the blue publish button and you will see the new game added to your website. 🙂


Download WP Durus WordPress Theme

Update: (28/7/2013)

Free version of Durus WordPress theme is no more available. You can buy it from WPSAM website for 19$.


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