Facebook is the best source of entertainment for kids as well for as young people. Most of the people use Facebook just for time passing. By playing games on Facebook, chatting with friends etc. There are different funny applications available on Facebook that are being enjoyed and liked by people of all ages. So, today I decided to share some cool Facebook applications with you guys. I bet that you will be never bored when using these Facebook fun applications.

Which Troll Character are You?

Facebook trolls and memes are imaginary characters that are used to express views and ideas in a fun manner. These troll faces are much common on Facebook. I don’t think there will be any Facebook users unaware of troll characters.

You can create a troll character for yourself by using this Facebook entertainment application. This app will randomly assign you any troll character and you will be able to caption it and share with your friends.


Which Troll Character are you - Facebook

Which Troll Character are you – Facebook

Hidden Secrets About You

It is another Facebook fun application that will tell you some hidden secrets about you and your life. It will tell you where and when were you born, your crush, your enemies, etc.

I found this application really funny and was amazed how it collects data from my Facebook profile and shows it as hidden secrets about me. 😀

Hidden secrets Facebook fun applications

Hidden secrets Facebook fun applications

Which Friend is Lucky For You

Do you have a great list of Facebook friends and want to find which one is lucky for you? Use this Facebook fun application which will take random friend from your friend list as luckiest for you.

Find Lucky Friend - Facebook fun application

Find Lucky Friend – Facebook fun application

Your Love Story

Do you watch movies? There are different love story movies released in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. You can check which love story matches yours by using this Facebook application.

Your Love Story - Facebook Fun Application

Your Love Story – Facebook Fun Application

Update: Recently some of these applications stopped working on Facebook and thats why i have removed the links of these applications. Here are some other Cool Facebook funs apps for you that you must try. 

I f you know about some other Facebook funny application that I missed, then share it with us in comments.

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