Facebook is the best online place where one can spend free time without getting bored. You will find Thousands of Facebook pages that  made are just for fun. So, if you have liked some of Facebook fun pages then they will never let you get bored. Posting funny stuff on Facebook like jokes, memes, comics and funny videos also help out the page admins to get more likes on their pages.

If you are wondering what to post of Facebook in order to get more likes then i hope that this post will help you out in this regard. This article is specially for Facebook Page owners having fun pages. Because i am going to share some websites from where they can get Funny things including Photos, Memes and Videos etc.


Funny Things To Post on Facebook

1- Funny Facebook Statuses

You can post status updates in order to make your audience amused. There are a number of online websites from where you can find amazing status updates and funny quotes that you can post on your Facebook page. Many people also use to post jokes on Facebook pages for getting more comments, shares and likes.Following are some resources that will help you out to get some entertaining Facebook status updates.

2- Funny Pictures For Facebook Pages

If you are wondering where to get Funny photos to post on Facebook then here i am going to share some useful resources for you. There are hundreds of websites where new fun photos are being uploaded every minute.You will find a number of hilarious photos, memes, comics etc. that you audience will love to see. You can also generate your own memes and comic photos on weknowmemes website. Mentioned below are the 3 best places to find some fun stuff which you can post on Facebook.

3- Funny Videos For Facebook Fan Pages

Videos are a great source of entertainment and people love to watch fun videos on Facebook. Apart from fun, If you post interesting and informative videos on your Facebook fan pages then people will surely love to share & comment on your posts. This will help you out in getting more likes and building audience. Following are the best places from where you can get amusing, interesting and amazing videos which you can post on your Facebook profile or Page.

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If you know about any other place from where one can get cool fun stuff that can be posted on Facebook then feel free to share in comments, so that we can include it into the list.

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