Facebook, the most addictive social network makes it easy and fun to connect with friends and family. Facebook is Introducing new features and providing comfort to users. Recently Facebook introduced Graph search which is a more powerful search tool for finding friends on Facebook. I really get pleased whenever I find any of my old friend or class mate on Facebook and I immediately click the Add Friend button. Many People forget after adding someone as a friend on Facebook because there is no such kind of feature introduced by Facebook for tracking Pending Friend requests. Still it is possible to get know about people not responding to your friend request.

By using a simple application, you can manage your pending friend requests on Facebook. Actually the application gathers all the data related to Friend Requests, Suggested Friends and Finding Friends using API. Follow the steps below to track your Pending Friend Requests.

  1. Open Friend Request App  apps.facebook.com/friendrequests on Facebook and allow the app to access your friend requests.
  2. Pending Friend RequestsClick on the Bulk upload button for tracing previous sent requests.
  3. Click on Get Friend Request data button and copy paste the code from the popup.
  4. Finally click on the load friend request button and you will get your list of pending friend requests.
  5. Click on suggested tab to get a list of suggested friends or you can click on Bulk upload friend requestsrequests tab to confirm requests people sent to you.
  6. You can cancel any request just by clicking the cancel button in front of user profile from the list.

So, Now it’s your turn to track your pending friend requests and check how many are just ignoring your friend requests. 😀

If you find any problem with the method I described above, feel free to inform me in Get friend request data on Facebookthe comments.  There may be some other methods to track friend requests on Facebook and if you know about any other method, do let us know in the comments. 🙂




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