Facebook, the most popular social network can be very helpful for the promotion of blogs. Whether you are new to blogosphere or an experienced blogger, Facebook still has a great importance in your blogging carrier. By building a strong presence on Facebook, you can build readership and get more exposure to your articles through Facebook. This will also be helpful for those who are not getting much traffic to their blogs from organic search.

Facebook recently released their official plugin for WordPress. By using this plugin, you can add options like Facebook likes, Facebook Send Buttons, Facebook Follow buttons etc. You can also use Facebook comments on your WordPress blog by installing this Facebook plugin for WordPress. Recently, i wrote about adding Google plus comments to WordPress. The good thing is that there is no need to modify coding of your theme.

Although there are some other wordpress plugins that can be used to do tasks like these. But i will recommend you to use the official Facebook plugin for WordPress. Becuase no security risks are involved in using this plugin. Also, this plugin comes with advanced features like placing like boxes and buttons only on specific positions on blog.

Some features of this plugin require Facebook application integration in order to work. You will have to put your Facebook application ID and secret code after installation in order to add those features.

How to Create Facebook Application?

In order to create Facebook application for your blog, click here and select the option to create new application.

Facebook application creation

Facebook application creation

Select appropriate name and unique name space for your application.

Facebook application name space

Select Facebook application name

After filling the captcha code, finally edit your application details by putting your blog URL, email address etc.

Facebook application editing

Facebook application editing

Get your application Id and app secret code from Facebook. Put it in the required filed by moving to the Facebook tab through WordPress admin dashboard.

Features of WordPress Plugin by Facebook

Facebook Like button:

Facebook like button can be used to allow users to like Facebook page without leaving your website. It can also be used to like individual articles and content on your website. Each time, a person likes any page of your website, that activity will be posted to the timeline of user. So, it will contribute to promotion of your blog on Facebook.

Layout of Facebook like button can adjusted easily by Facebook plugin for WordPress. Width, color scheme, position, font etc. all can be selected easily by using this plugin.


Facebook like button Settings

Facebook like button Settings

Facebook Send Button:

In order to facilitate Facebook users to send your Page URL to their friends via message, you can use Send Button.You can use it for Home page, single posts, attachment pages etc. It can be positioned at start or at the end of posts. Dark and light color schemes are available and you can select the one that suits with your theme.

Facebook Send Button WordPress

Facebook Send Button WordPress

Follow Button:

Enable your visitors to follow your public profile on Facebook by placing a follow button. It can be customized just like Facebook like and Send buttons.

Recommendation Bar:

Facebook recommendation bar allows visitors to like content, get recommendations from friends and share your content with their friends. Many bloggers use Facebook recommendation bar which is displayed at the bottom corner of blogs with title “You might also like” etc.

You can choose maximum number of recommendations to be displayed, read time, position of recommendation bar from the plugin settings tab etc.

Facebook recommendation bar

Facebook recommendation bar

Comment Box:

Allow users to comment on your posts directly from their Facebook account. No need to fill out name, email etc for commenting. Any user logging into Facebook account can easily comment on your posts. You can select the number of comments to be displayed, their order and color scheme.

Comments are also moderated by the Facebook application owner (moderator) using Facebook.


Facebook Comments For WordPress

Facebook Comments For WordPress

Social Publisher:

Share your articles directly on your Facebook timeline or brand Page by enabling social publisher option. No more need to share each and every article by logging into Facebook. It will surely help you to save time. Facebook Social publisher feature requires to connect Facebook account with WordPress.


Facebook Social Publisher Settings WordPress

Facebook Social Publisher Settings WordPress


Access all your Facebook insights directly from WordPress admin dashboard. Get complete reports including active users, new users, content sharing statistics etc.

Download Facebook Plugin For WordPress


So, after using Facebook Plugin for WordPress i can integrate any Facebook widget on my WordPress blog within minutes. This plugin saved a lot of my time and helped me a to get decent amount of traffic from Facebook. You can not neglect the importance of Social media importance if you want to get success in blogging. So, if you are not using this plugin then i will recommend you to install it now.

If you have something to say about Facebook Plugin for WordPress, you can share with us in comments.

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