Facetime is great video calling application for Apple devices. It allows you to make free video calls from IPhone/Ipad to other iOS devices. Unfortunately Facetime for android is not available this time on android market. IPhone users who are shifting from iOS to android may find most of the apps missing and Facetime is one of them. Now you should forget about facetime if you bought an android phone and have a look at 5 BEST ALTERNATIVES TO FACETIME FOR ANDROID 2014. Most of the apps listed here are cross platform supported, means you can even make video calls from android to IPhone/Ipad devices with the same app installed in it. Hopefully you will forget about Facetime after trying these best alternatives.

Alternatives to Facetime for Android

Facetime for Android

1- Skype

Skype is a No.1 video calling application with millions of users worldwide. It is allows you to make free voice & video calls to any other skype user having the app installed on his device. Along with that, you can do instant messaging with friends via skype. Skype also allows you to share photos and videos instantly with other users on skype. You will get a unique username while creating skype account and anyone having your skype ID will be able to add you and can get connected instantly.

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2- Viber

Viber is a big alternative to Facetime for android that functions very similar to Facetime. Viber is available for IPhone/Ipad/Android/Symbian devices and you can make free calls from viber to viber with the help of internet connection. It also allows you to send free text messages, photos and videos to other viber users. After installing the application from Google play Store, you can import contacts from your phone and then start making video calls to them instantly.


3- Google Hangouts

Hangouts by Google enable you to send and receive messages, photos & videos instantly and without spending a penny. Google Hangouts also come up with video calling feature that allows you to make video calling just like you do on IPhone/IPad/IPad/Mac with Facetime. Google Hangouts text messaging supports amazing features like emoji emoticons, photos sharing and animated gif images. You can also make a free group video call to upto 10 friends at time with Google Hangouts app for android.


4- Tango

Tango is a popular popular free text messaging service and a social app that lets you get connected with your loved ones. So if you are missing facetime on android then install Tango app from Google Play Store and started making video calls to other Tango users in your contact list. You can also find and meet new friends, play games and share music with your Tango friends. Remember that you must have a good internet connection in order to enjoy free High quality video & voice calls to other tango users in the list.


5- IMO

IMO is a yet another Facetime alternative that allows you to send free text SMS to your friends and family. Video chat feature is also there that let you get connected with people around the world. So there is no more need to pay for costly phone call packages. You will just need an active internet connection via 3G/4G/WiFi and IMO android app installed on your mobile. So download IMO app from Google Play Store and start making free video calls from your phone instantly.


Final Words:

Almost all the apps listed above are also available for iOS devices. So you can also do video calling from android to IPhone with the help of these apps. You can install any of your favorite app from the list and then ask your friends to install the same on their IPhone/IPad. Now with an active internet connection, you will be able to make video calls to each other just like you do on Facetime . Good Luck!

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