These days media files, documents and images etc.  come up in number of file formats or extensions. Sometimes people require conversion of file format /changing file extensions. Like if you don’t have compatible software that supports specific file extension or file format, then you can open it by doing format conversion to a supported one. Like if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat reader and want to open a PDF file then you can convert it into a DOC file (Microsoft Word) and open it in MS Word.

People use different File format converter softwares in order to change file formats. A number of online websites also provide you option to convert format of any file to any other extension by uploading it to their servers. After conversion, these websites generate temporary download link for your converted file.

File Formats Converter Email

File format conversion by softwares and by online websites are old methods. Today, I am going to share a website with you guys that will let you convert file format of any file to any other file extension just by sending an email.

Best Online File Format Converter (ZamZar)

Yesterday i came across zamzar website that provides free online file format conversion services. I was really amazed while seeing the list of supported file formats by zamzar. While reading their blog, I came to know that they also provide option to do online file format conversion by sending email.  Imagine, just by sending an email you are getting the file extension converted to your desired format.   Isn’t it interesting?

How to Convert File Format by Email

  1. First of all Create a new email and attach the file to be converted with it
  2. Send the email to the email address (replace format by your desired output format of file). It will take a few minutes depending upon the file size and you will get an email with attached link to the converted file. Click on the link and your file will be downloaded automatically.
  3. For Example, If you want to convert a DOC file to PDF then attach that file in email and write anything in the subject. Finally send the email to
  4. After 1-2 minutes, you will get an email from zamzar, containing the download link of your converted PDF file.

You can also get your file converted into multiple formats by adding additional email addresses in the email recipients field. ( , etc.)

For IPhone, Ipad, Android Smartphones and other mobile phones users, this is the best option to do file conversion. Because there no more need to install file format converter apps and all format conversions can be done just with email.


Supported File Formats by Zamzar online File Converter

Zamzar supports almost all the major file format conversions including JPG,PNG, BMP, TIFF,PDF, DOC,CSV,mp3, mp4,3gp, flv, mkv, MPG, HTML, PPT, XLS, MDB, XML, RTF,TXT, ZIP, TAR,RAR ,DWG and many more.. Click here to check list of all file format conversions supported by zamzar.

There are also some limitations on the maximum file size for conversion, that are given below.

  • Free Plan – upto 1 MB
  • Basic Plan – upto 5 MB
  • Pro Plan – upto 15 MB
  • Business Plan – up to 25 MB

In order to enjoy extra features including fast conversion, online files storage, high speed downloads etc. you will have to signup for their basic (7$/month) or pro plan(16$/month).

Remember that your converted files get expired (deleted from their servers)  after 24 hrs  (for free users). So, It is recommended to download converted files soon after you get the email with download link.

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