On internet these is no shortage of free & premium cloud storage services. But the selection of best cloud storage service out of number of available options is much important and not as easy as it seems. Today I am going to introduce you with FileStream.Me that is one of the best cloud storage services that offers both free and paid plans. In addition, file stream also provides you free torrent leaching services and let your download torrents with IDM and Orbit downloader like softwares.

I have tested FileStream.me services with free as well as premium plans and would like to share my experience in form of short review.


Why FileStream.Me?

You must have an online backup of your important data in order to keep it safe from expected loss.  These days, issues of data loss due to viruses and Hard Disk failures are much common. In such cases FileStream.me like cloud storage services are the best option for you to keep your backup data safe and secure. It also provides you remote access to your data from anywhere and on any device.

FileStream also allows you torrent leaching and downloading from popular file sharing services and bitTorrent network. You will just have to upload the .torrent file on filestream and it will automatically seed it and make it ready for download. So if Peer-to-Peer transfer or torrent downloads are blocked in your school or office then FileStream.me is the best option to download torrents with IDM.

FileStream.Me Review

I have tested their cloud storage services & have also downloaded some torrent files via FileStream.me. Here is what I found.

1- Speed

FileStream servers are really fast and provide better torrent downloading speed as compared to ZbigZ and ByteBX. Internet connection speed also matters and if you have a good connection then it will be very easy for you to download multiple torrent files in short time. You can use Internet Download manager for better speed.

2- Leeching Time

You can either directly upload the .torrent file on filestream or you can copy paste the direct or magnet link in the box. Just after you hit the download button, FileStream will start fetching the files contained in that torrent. It takes couple of seconds to queue your torrent and start seeding your files upto 1:2. You will receive an email once your torrent gets ready for download.

3- Storage

FileStream.Me provides you unlimited data storage on both free and paid plans. Also there is no limit on file sizes and you can even download large torrent files via FileStream. But the torrent files are stored only for specified time (normally 3 days) on their servers. You can extend the storage time anytime by spending credits.

4- Security

Your files on FileStream servers are secured and you will need to login to filestream account in order to access your files. FileStream uses secure SSL connection between you and your data that keeps you safe from Man in the middle attacks. The data is kept unencrypted and you will have to keep your email and password private for ensuring security.

5- Online Streaming

The videos stored in your FileStream account can be watched online with the help of their web player plugin. You can also listen to the audio files in your personal cabinet & it does not require installation of extra plugins. Just install VLC or K-Lite Codec Pack on your PC and start listening to your stored music files.

6- Resume Capability

FileStream.Me generates unqiue download link that works only on single IP Address. If IP address of your PC changes then your download might stop. So you will need to login to your personal cabinet and generate the new download link. After that replace the previous link in your downloader with the new one and resume you download.

7- Remote Access

You can access your files remotely from anywhere just by login to your personal cabinet on FileStream website. You will just need a device with an active internet connection and web browser installed in it. FileStream android app is also available and can be downloaded free from Google Play Store.


How to Download Torrents with IDM using File Stream?

As I have already discussed that you can download torrent files with IDM & FileStream account. Their services are much better as compared to ZbigZ that usually gives error while uploading .torrent files. Follow the below procedure in order to download Torrents with IDM.

First of all you will need to create an account on FileStream.Me website.

Get the .torrent file or the magnet link of the files you want to download.

Getting the .torrent File

Login to your FileStream account and upload your torrent file/paste the magnetic link.

FileStream Account Overviewq

Click on the download button.

FileStream will start leaching your torrent and makes it available for download.

Copy-Paste your download link in IDM by adding new download.

Copy Download Link


Start downloading your torrent files at high speed.

Download with IDM

FileStream.Me Coupons for ARWebZone Readers

FileStream has also offered free coupon code for our valued readers. This coupon is specially for loyal reader of ARWebZone and you can free $1 credit to your FileStream account by using the coupon code given below:
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Don’t forget to share your views about FileStream.Me services in comments.

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