Google Page Rank is one of the most awaitied update for many webmaster’s specially bloggers. Its been 3 months that google updated Page Rank algorithm. Last time it was updated on 7th November. And Now finally the 1st Page Rank update of 2013 has been released and its Rocking that we have blessed with a Page Rank of 1 (Masha’ALLAH)

How to Check Page Rank?

Here Comes the question,how to check Google Page Rank of any Website? Its simple, Just go to the website and place your website/blog link there,enter the captcha code and it will show you the Page Rank. Or You can also install Chrome Extension by Clicking here and it will automatically show you the Page rank of any website you visit in Google Chrome Tool Bar.

Do Page Rank Really Helps Bloggers?

This is the question regarding many bloggers are confused. That whether higher Page Rank will drive more traffic to a blog or not. So, first we have to understand what a Page Rank is. It is mainly dependent on the number of backlinks which your website gets. A website with more high Quality backlinks will leads to Higher Page Rank. Google Page Rank can range from 0 to 10. A website with page rank 5 means that it will be preferred by 50 times than a website with 0 Page Rank. Means, a Page rank of 1 will increase the authority of blog as compared to blog with lower page Rank. So, It means that Higher Page Rank will lead you to better SERP rankings.

On the other hand,there are different other Factors which Impact alot to the SEO of a website besides Page Rank. Alexa Rank is one of them. So, if your are getting more backlinks, your alexa Rank will get better. Alexa Ranks websites globally and regionally. So,more backlinks will help you alot in SEO and better SERP rankings.

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Further,Google Author Rank is also going to play an important role in SERPs in the coming days. Actually Page Rank is determined on the basis of Backlinks and Google Author Rank is totally dependent on the social activity of a blog owner,means how much a writer or a blogger is popular on Social Networks specially Google+. So, in order to Get higher author Rank, you must have to increase your social activity of Social Sites including Facebook,Twitter, and specially Google+. Share your content regularly on Social Networks and build readership.

So, Besides Google Page Rank, the above factors are also invloved and Most important, you the Quality of Content is the main thing on whch you should focus in order to Rank Higher.

Expected Dates of Further Page Rank Updates in 2013.

The 1st google page rank update of 2013  has already been released toddat and Here are the dates on which  Page Rank updates are expected further in 2013.

Second – June 28 to July 8, 2013.
Third – September 28 to October 5, 2013.
Forth –December 28 to January 5,2014.


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