Fiver is an online market place where you can buy and sell products or offer services. Although there are many other free lancing websites like elance, odesk etc yet they can’t take the place of Fiverr. Interesting thing about fiverr is that each gig available on fiverr costs just 5 dollars.

If you have some skills and want to utilize them, then fiverr is the best choice to make money online by offering services. Fiverr is not limited to a specific category and people with any type of skill can use it to earn money.

Whether you are good in graphics designing, web programming, internet marketing etc. you can earn money on fiverr by listing your skills there in the form of gigs.

Earn money using Fiverr

Fiveer can be used as a buyer or as a seller. You will be required to have an account on fiverr. Click here to open a new account.

Fiverr for Sellers

Fiverr is the most popular freelancing website that allows you to make money by doing small jobs. There are many internet users who want to hire people  for doing small jobs like advertising, promotion of products, online marketing etc.

If you think that you can perform any of tasks efficiently then surely you can make decent amount of money by showing your skills at fiverr.
You will have to create a gig about your skill with some instructions to buyer. You gig will be listed in their directory. Whenever a buyer finds you suitable for doing some job, he/she will place an order for your gig.


Create a new gig at fiverr

Create a new gig at fiverr

Remember that Fiverr takes 20% commission on each sale you get. So, if your gig costs $5 then you will get $4 after completion of that job.

You can withdraw all your fiverr earnings to your PayPal account.

 Fiverr for Buyers

In online industry, you may face some problems which will be difficult for you to sort out. In that case, you can use fiverr to find skilled people to solve your problem. In a short time and at low cost, you can have your problems solved using fiverr.Whether you feel any problem is coding, looking for business promotions or logo designing etc.

There are hundreds of erperienced people that are offering their serives at fiverr. You can find the right person for your task by checking his reputation and feedbacks of other buyers aabout him. Maximum time for the completion of job will also be listed along with each gig. These two aspects should be kept in mind before placing an order at fiverr.

You will need a Paypal account in order to place an order for gig.

How to Increase Sales & Earn More on Fiverr?

Here are some tips that will help you to make more money using fiverr.

  1. Your gig should be as descriptive as possible with relevant tags.
  2. Use relevant and attractive image for your gig.
  3. Create gigs about those tasks for which other people are looking for. You will see a  box at the right sidebar of fiverr containing gig request of buyers.
  4. Contact buyers on fiverr and tell them about your experience and efficiency of doing required job.
  5. Do reply to every person contacting you on fiverr and satisfy your customers as much as you can. It will help you to get more positive feedback on your gigs and finally more sales.

Final Words

Whether you are a skilled person or a learner, you can earn a lot of money using fiverr. Just list all of your skills in the form of gigs at fiverr and you will surely make a lot of money.

For buyers, fiverr is the cheapest place to hire people for doing specific tasks. It will help them to promote their business online in less time and at low cost.

If you have something to say about money making with fiverr then feel free to comment below.


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