In this article you will find Flappy bird APK Free download links for Android as well as from Google Play Store and Apple iOS Store. Find whether it will be released for Windows Phone or not.  Learn how to Play Flappy bird while making big scores. Some allegations on Flappy Bird by other game developers are also highlighted. So, before the games goes off from the Play Store, download Flappy Bird APK by the link given at the end of this article.

Flappy bird, the android game with a size less than 1MB got much popularity in the recent weeks. Although the game was released in the mid of last year yet it was not much known at that time. The year 2014 became lucky for the developer of flappy bird game and he claims that now he makes a sum of 50K USD per day with flappy bird.

Flappy Bird APK Free Download

Flappy Bird is an addictive game for android that is not as simpler as it looks. Your only job is to tap the screen and make the bird fly while passing through the free space between the pipes. You will have to timely tap the screen in order to save the bird from falling as well as from the obstacles. By passing through each pipe obstacle, you will get 1 score and your target is to make the highest possible score. There are total 4 medals for those who score big in flappy bird android game.

  1. Bronze Medal
  2. Silver medal
  3. Gold Medal
  4. Platinum Medal

If you score more than 10 in flappy bird then you will be awarded a bronze medal. Similarly by achieving higher scores, you will be awarded with Silver, Gold and Platinum medals.

How to Score Big in Flappy Bird?

It all depends on your timing of tapping the screen to make the bird fly between the pipes. Tap the screen timely and keep and eye on next obstacles in-spite of your score or the game background etc. You will surely be able to make high scores on Flappy Bird by following this trick. There is absolutely no other hack or cheat available for this game.

Most of the people found this game boring as it becomes very difficult to score even 10 for a newbie. But if you compete with your friends by making highest scores then surely you will find this game much interesting.

Allegations on Flappy Bird Game

Yesterday I found somewhere that Flappy Bird is a rip-off/copy of Piou-Piou and Mario Bross. The main theme of Flappy Bird is the copy of Piou-Piou and the graphics (pipes) are copied from the popular Mario Bross game.

Yesterday, the developer of Flappy bird tweeted that he will be taking the game down from the Play Store and Apple Store on today (9th February 2014).

Flappy Bird APK & iOS Download Links

So, before the game disappears from the Google Play Store, I downloaded it and here I have Flappy bird APK for Android which is the latest version of Flappy Bird 1.3 in APK format. The download link is given below:

Download Flappy Bird APK For Android

Flappy Bird is also available for Apple iPad/IPhone/Ipod. The Download links of Flappy Bird for iOS and Android are given below:

Download Flappy Bird for Android from Google Play Store

Download Flappy Bird for iOS from Apple Store

It was expected that Flappy bird for Windows phones will also be released soon. Previously, the developer claimed that it will be available at Windows store by the end of this month. But now the he decides to take it down from the market places.

So, let’s see what happens next and in the mean time you can enjoy playing Flappy bird on your smartphone and have fun.

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